Its not over until AF arrives.........

Hhi all, hope everyone is ok. Just a quick message to tell you not to give up hope. I came off my pill in august and had three 30 day cycles so decided to start TTC. My last period was 15th nov, my 30 days came and went but all i was getting was BFN ! I was getting so frustrated if i wasnt pg then where was AF ? Tried testing again after xmas on the 27th, still BFN so decided to make an app with the docs. Well the weekend just gone i kept getting pains in my (.)(.) and decided to test once more before docs on friday, finally BFP !!
I know alot of people have been in s similar situation, it is very frustrating and disheartening to have to wait and not know why. I dont know if for some reason i ovulated later this cycle or if it is just a shy bean but dont give up hope ladies, its not over until AF arrives !!xx

Good luck.x

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