could this be anything or the nasty wicked witch

Mornin. . Well period due not till Fri. . Woke up this am and light pink stuff when wiped once. More like discharge than blood. . Got no period pains just back ache. . Am i out or could this be implant bleed?
Am cheesed off dot com lol. . Don't normally spot tbh. . X X X


  • Ooo I hope it's implantation booey!!!
    Fingers crossed keep us updated xxxx
  • yes my fingers are crossed lol not very hopeful but gotta have hope x X i feel month 4 comin on! X X
  • oohhh good luck booey sounds very promising my af is due friday aswell!! feel abit sickly this morning and not 100% i hope this is it for you xxxxx
  • do ya reckon? Got lot of stress at min so if a bean survives Will be a miracle x got good feeling bout you though x X good luck babe x
  • Morning ladies!

    Hope you all have a lovely day & lots of baby dust to you all!

    booey - Good luck with the house move hun x
  • ahhh thank you booey it would be fab to get bfp this week hubby already had some fab news aswell an its his birthday on thurs!!! hear of bad things happening in 3's can good come in 3's aswell??? he he
  • Ah thanks Mooker! X
    ha ha my husband 30th Friday! And we move house Fri too x X well would be nice hey x x good luck to US. . Gosh its cold this morning! X X
  • yea its freezing!! where abouts are you booey??? guess thats our summer over!!!well hubbys birthday on thursday and he has just heard he has got into the final stages for being a police officer!! eekkk he gets fitted on sat if he passes his fitness and physical!!! ekkk my very own police officer i only dreamed about!! he he he think im more exited about it than him!! so would be great to top it off with a positive!!!!!
  • ohh good luck to ur hubby!! image ....

    well had not a drop of pink stuff or blood today apart from the TMI pink stuff from this am, had back ache and period type pains so maybe af tomo>???? hope not image
  • i hope not aswell hun! been feeling abit rubbish all day not sure whats wrong! shattered did a test on a ebay cheepy and nothing! no period types pains just aching last night! still feel abit queezy. hope af doesn't come and get us both! i not had any coloured discharge, for last few days been next to nothing (sorry tmi). xx
  • hey ellie how u doing, well had no blood or discharge today, do have little cramps and backache hoping she stays away! image due friday eeekkkkk lol xx
  • Hey girls, good luck to you all - Booey it does sound promising tho!! AF is due today for me.... got backache, but no cramps, which is odd for me - but everytime I go to the toilet i'm checking!! Usually when I do a number 2 (sorry tmi!) on the day of AF, it starts immediately - but just been for a number 2 and no AF.... Sorry for the tmi! xx
  • Hope so guys hope you are all ok have no computer at the minute so on my phone!! im ok 2day did another cheap test and still nothing!!! hope its good news for us all!! x x x
  • ah am still keeping my fingers crossed for you Booey & Ellie's Mummy!

    my hubby is in the police!!!! ahhh the uniform is awesome hahah image
  • thanks Mrs waggy Im debating weather to buy a test now or not or too wait? What you think? X X
  • your asking me!!!! me who has peed on about 7 since tests since friday!!! haha
    how many dpo are you? if af still hasnt showed than i might be tempted to test!
    ooo good luck xxx
  • Ha ha well just+brought fr test. . Don't think Will be bfp fingers crossed x X
  • fingers crossed booey xx
  • fingers firmly crossed booey! xxx
  • Thanks ladies. . But looks like bfn to me. . I think im 10dpo maybe. . Got bit more pink brown stuff tiny bit. . Im feeling really down down now.
    Someone asked at work if i was preggers Cos i put few pounds on after my wedding. . Hurt my feelings. . Really was hoping i could turn around and say actually i am! Im a size 12. . Slowly sliding up to 14 but am happy i may be filling out a bit but that's up to me. . X
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