does anyone know anything about chemical pg's??

Hi i *think* i had a chemical pg last cycle. Basically i was doing opk's and i had an opk peak on cd's 12 & 13 followed by ov pains. i started to feel very pg by 9 dpo so started using internet chapie hpt from 10dpo and gradually i started to get very very faint bfp's then at 13dpo my af started. I usually have a 15 day lp. I just presumed that it was either dodgy hpt's or a chemical but i have still been feeling a bit sicky etc and then to top it off i went to the toilet last night to find that my af had all but gone. I am literally just getting the tiniest amount of pink blood when i wipe so my af lasted the whole of 30 hours.
I did another hpt this morning which came up very very faint again but then the line disappeared a couple of hours later.
So my question is (and thankyou if you have this far lol) Does anyone know how long a hpt would still pick up your pg hormones after a chemical pg?
I am soooo confused and dp is no help he just keeps saying 'have you ever thought it might be ectopic' which is putting the fear of god into me even though i have had no cramps or shoulder pain.


  • I don't have any experience of this but I have read that some people experience a very small amount of bleeding in early pregnancy. If you are still getting a faint positive then I wouldn't give up all hope, especially if you only had bleeding for just over a day. I would wait two days (I know that's easier said that done!) and test again on Sunday and see if you get a line and whether it's darker which it should be by then. If you're still worried after that though I would go and see your gp hun. Good luck xx
  • Hi Sammie

    I had a chemical pregnancy in Oct last year. I got a faint but clear positive on 11dpo ( i have a as 12day LP) but then on 13dpo by AF started and the hpts were coming back negative. My AF that month was incredibly light and short but not as short as 30hrs.

    What you could be describing is implantation bleeding - so my advise would be to test again in 48hrs (your HCG levels double every 48hrs) and if you are still picking up positive, i'd say you were pregnant image

  • Hi sammie,

    I had a chem pg in december, af was alot heavier though but my hpt stayed positive for a week!!! the fact that your af has finished after only 30 hours, could be an implant bleed as sometimes it could take a little while for the "bleed" to show...don't take me as an expert or i wouldn't want to get your hopes up...but fingers crossed if you take a hpt again in a couple of days as Mrs PP84 says you may well be still pregnant. Good luck xx
  • Hi sammie,

    I had a chem pg in Nov...and TBH it was all over very quickly. had a faint BFP on 14 and 15dpo...and started to bleed 16dpo...wenty to the Dr who advised to test in 1 week time... couldnt wait that long so tested...17/18dpo and both BFN!! my AF was very light.
    I gotta be honest i think it varys a lot for different obviously from someposts above the test stayed positive for a while!

    Dont want to be all gloom n doom but would want to get your hopes up for them just to be dashed away again! theres nothing worse! could just as easy be implantation...and early bleeding is very very common!!... all u can do sweetheart is hold off and test in a few days!

    preying beans a sticky one and is just scarying his mummy...sorry your going thru this doll xxx
  • I had a chem in aug i tested got a strong + then over a week it got lighter and then i didnt test for 2 days in those 2 days i got light spotting then i done another test and -ve i then went on to wait 2weeks for proper AF :roll:

    Hope its not a chem and that it's imp bleed....

    Good Luck gem xxx
  • Hi thanks for replys. Im pretty sure that i am not still pg because the tests are so so faint, i would have thought that by now (16 dpo) the tests would be fairly dark. I also did an opk this morning and thats not positive anymore.
    Hope i get a positive opk soon so i know things are getting back to normal and we can try again xx
  • can i just ask what is a chem preg? and how does it happen??xx
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