..... :0(

The Evil whitch got me this morning!!!! GUTTED!!! :cry:

oh well onto month 5!!!

***** BABY DUST TO ALL*****



  • Sorry huni x
  • Ah, sorry to hear that. She got me yesterday so I do sympathise! I felt really gutted and upset yesterday but am much cheerier today and looking forward to this month's try. Hope you're feeling ok and good luck for this month! xxx
  • sorry hunni, though have got a horrible feeling she will be getting me soon now!! image
  • Sorry to hear that hun! Five was the lucky month for me though so sending you lots of baby dust for month 5! xx
  • Hi Ladies!

    thank you so much for yor comments......i felt so angry and frustrated yesterday! but like you Tilty am looking forward to this months try!! its nice to know that everyone else experiences the same feelings!!! well i hope it is our lucky month! and yours tooo! image

    thanks again!

    *** BABY DUST***

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