WOW its been a while

Hey Ladies

Well its been a couple of weeks if not a month since I've been on here. lifes been so busy.

Well on the TTC/PCOS front I dont have any tumours YAY! And I've lost 5kgs.. So basically Im going back to my DR next wk to be referred to a Fertility DR to start fertility meds.

Its all been real hard but Im just looking towards to future.

How are you all? who has got their BFP since I've been gone

Karina xx


  • Hi Karina, welcome back hon. So so happy that there wasn't a tumour, that must be a relief! And at least now the ball is rolling on the fertility side of things. Well done on losing 5kg as well...although I honestly must say I have no idea how much that is...I work in stone/pounds/ounces!! It could be 3 ounces or 10 stone for all I know!! But any weight lost is good! :lol:

    As for the BFPs...not me!! Quite a few of them though! I could reel off some names but most of them are hanging around like a bad smell (only joking ladies!) so will let them tell you their good news!!

    Really pleased things are moving along for you & that the tumour wasn't there. Huge hugs xxxx
  • welcome back karina! You must be so relieved not to have a tumour. Congrats on the weight loss too - I'ms secretly jealous! ;\)

    I'm waiting for AF to show up and get going with ttc again... We had a chemical earlier in the month which kinda shooked us up both emotionally and physically but we're keeping up with the PMA!

    GL with the fertility doctor and the meds - I hope you get your BFP soon!

  • hiya, welcome back! good luck with the docs! xxxx
  • hiya, welcome back! good luck with the docs! xxxx
  • Its good to see some of my old friends are still here xx
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