BFP people which test did you take?

DH and I will go and get one tonight not sure if to test tonight or wait till tomorrow im currently on DPO 12.

Just wondered which tests you used and recommend or any to avoid, I know it will be a mindfield!



  • Hey,

    I used FR at 10dpo and got a negative. Was 2 days late for AF on Sunday so used FR again and got an instant positive. Used CBD this morning to confirm and got 2-3 weeks.

    A lot of people like the superdrug own brand ones too.

    Afraid I can't help much as that's all I've used. x
  • ive just bought myself a first response!
  • I got my BFP at 9dpo on a superdrug own brand, really recommend them as they are so sensitive and still cheap enough to buy a few image xx
  • I got a BFP at 9/10 DPO with FR, then the nxt day got a poss with a SD, then the day after a tesco. So at 12dpo most tests will show up a line. Good luck hun x x x
  • Superdrug - they are as sensitive as FR (10miu) but loads cheaper.

    Then a CB Digital a week later (too expensive otherwise!!)

  • erm, 1st time vvv faint superdrug, then fr, then tesco, then cb easy (lines didn't get any lighter over 4 days and was a chem preg) - started at 11dpo

    this time got a really strong line at 12 dpo with tesco and then 2-3 weeks on cbd (but randomly used an opk first on a whim which was positive, then the mad dash to tesco), then sd to be sure! xxx
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