I made it to Friday!!!

.....without testing lol!!

Holding out until Monday now... No af signs as yet apart from god awfully sore nipples and some niggling tummy aches..Fingers crossed that's a good thing!

Babydust to us all...xxx


  • good luck hun !!! x
  • Good luck!! want me to come sit on your hands? I cant test till wednesday at the earliest and its almost killing me!!
  • Thanks girlies - I'm super nervous LOL ...

    Jazdy - yes please, it's fine when I'm at work - but what the heck can I do to stop myself over the weekend LOL ... I'll just have to get my oh to hide my purse LOL!

  • i know that feeling!! im SAHM to our first dd who is 3.5 and i have 3 tests sat just calling to me to do but i know its too early!!!! im having to think of something to do today so im out and dont do them
  • LOL ... get out and about in this glorious weather ..I plan on trying to stay as busy as possible this weekend - might even make it to the pool lol ..

  • i live just above the beach in jersey so my and dd and my friend and her son are off there image its 23oC here
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