Do I want to be pregnant again????

Hi sweets
I have a lil one of 18 months and thought I'd probably be pregnant with my second now (before I had the first!!) . I just can't think about when the right time is.....but the more the days go on the more broody I get....its so bizarre I didn't think about it like this the first time round.....we chatted about having a baby and then I was pregnant. I run my own business and don't always have reliable staff for everyday cover, but don't want to put another child to the back burner....I'm starting to think daft about the whole situation.....can we afford we make enough money.... have we the room...... how will everyone feel????????????????????
Its silly that I fret about these things but I do.........does anyone else??? I think if I can just hold out for another six months before trying then my little girl will already be two by the time I fall. Its really is daft to over think these things. I work full time but always do exciting stuff and have quality time with my littleone when I'm off at weekends and have a fab nursery but really don't know what to do...I don't want a huge age gap????????????ooooooooooooooh babies are sooooooooo advice would be fab


  • I'd get trying now. You dont know how long it will take. My lo goes to nursery two days a week and I think the stimulation it provides them with and learning to interact with other children is great for them. Good luck.xx
  • my lo is the same age as yours and the exact same things have been going through my mind. we decided when she was born (coz i was so broody) that we would hold off till she was 18months but now thats here something is holding me back. even though im desperate for another baby something is making me insist on finish my packet of pills (which has another pull month in it). like you i didnt want a big age gap and what i keep telling myself is what if i dont fall straight away like i did last time we could be trying for a few months. its hard to know isnt it. my oh keeps teeling me if i spend so long analysing things we are never going to do it and i kinda have to agree with him i just have to take the plunge.xx
  • hehehe, my hubs says that about me too.....think he just likes the practise run though!!!!
    Eleanor goes to nursery 3 days a week and loves it there so I know putting another child in nursery wouldn't be as daunting as it was the first time round. Think I'll probably still hang on a while...... I'm going to enjoy her a little more on her own....although....I'm sure I'll be thinking later on this evening!!!
    My mum always wanted to have another child but couldn't so I def do want another and my husband would love another one....think he's liking the idea of a potential son.....for footie sake as it looks like Eleanor prefers netball skills!!!!bless xx
  • I say start trying now. For every positive thing you think of there will bound to be a negative and like Hjanea said, you dont know how long it will take.

    I've left a gap of 9 years between my second child and starting to try for my third and I feel like i have totally forgotten everything about babies. Getting some practice in by looking after my one month old nephew though.

  • think my oh the same. likes the idea of someone to take on the fishing rod (nothing to say chloe couldnt). and also love the idea of the baby dancing. he think he was shortchanged last time coz i fell so quick. but i think your right about the nursery thing. you already know that it good and your comfortable with them. we are hanging on till the end of my pill packet im not budging about that. that means she be 19months when i start. but it is really nerve racking isnt it.xx
  • hehehe...very....maybe I'll get him to sleep on the sofa for a a week or two.....its safer!!!! We'll both have to watch this space...good luck xx
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