where are my CBL's x

Morning Twizzle & K,

Thought we could get ready for the 2ww, I know I still have a few days to go and Twizz has a bit longer but this way we can about ov together!! lol
Im on CD 10 today, I have been getting lots of cm since af finished and my cervix is high and open so I may already be fertile. Im probably one of those rare ones who ov twice in 1 month!
And have bd cd 7 & 9 and plan to bd every night starting last night.

Are you 2 doing anything different this month?

Good luck girls, hope this is our month. :lol:



  • Morning honey image

    I am CD14 today I bd'd monday wed, thurs, and will do it again tongiht. I am not sure what is going on though. Had loads of cm on monday mushy and creamy and then tuesday I hardly had any at all but then wed and yesterday it was the same? There were parts of the day i did have stringy bits but it felt thick still not wet or thin??

    So i have no idea if i have OV already, if I am still to OV or if i am not oving at all lol

    oh my life!!

    K xx
  • Isnt it just so frustrating, its too much hard work!
    We are going to BD for 2wks straight so we dont miss ov as I have no idea when it will be. Like last month I thought I ov on cd13 then on cd20 I had a load of ewcm so I thought well lets just BD every day from cd 10 to 25 but we have started early hehe lol...... xxx


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