Low dose aspirin treatment

Has or does anyone take low dose aspirin as part of their ttc care? Any success stories?

I've heard it can help increase the blood supply to the uterus, thicken the uterus lining and even release more than one egg during ovulation...

We're going into month 8 and I'll try anything right now!!


  • No idea about the asprin Heather, do whatever it takes I hope to see your BFP really soon, I know how much this means to you. You so deserve it!

    Big Hugs fae me and Lexi xxxx
  • and baby dust xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Lynne - It's also good for the heart and since I already have high bp, it can't hurt, right? Better tell my doc though....
  • I do, as I had 2 MC's before having DD the midwife recommended it - I took it in the first trimester with Rachel, and I take it in the 2WW now. It helps just to know I'm doing something! Definitely worth mentioning it to your doc though.

    Hannah xx
  • Thanks Hannah - I did read that it did help for ladies who have had re-occuring mc. I've had one but if it can prevent a 2nd, I'll try it... The more reading I do on it, the better I feel about it.

  • Hi,

    Just G/C from DIO...

    ...i was prescribed 75mg aspirin after 2 mcs and 5 months later i got my BFP (nearly 29 weeks now :\) ). I don't know whether it's been a coincidence or it really has helped but either way, i'm glad i've been taking it!

    I have to stop between 32-36 weeks (ready for labour/birth) so all i would say is just check first with your Dr before you start taking it for advice etc plus you'll need to know when to stop it.


    SF - 28+6 xxx
  • Hi Viv, im not taking it as only on first month ttc but i have read it quite alot so may be some truth in it. Cant do any harm.x
    Good luck Hun.xx
  • Hi I would say talk to your doc which you already mentioned. I too have had 3 mc's and so now take it daily (81mg), but I also have markers for lupus and a couple of other blood issues. I believe it helps more during the pg stage but you could ask your doc and if he doesn't have any issues you could go ahead. The reason is that aspirin is a blood thinner and although can be bought over the counter for single occurrence use it can cause serious issues in certain people if taken daily so definitely talk with the doc!

    Good luck.x
  • I started taking it this month and currently 2dpo so i'll let you know in 12 days or so if it's workedimage
    Good luck hun xx
  • Good to hear from you Amy! GL with testing in 12 days, my fingers and toes are x'd for you!

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