bit bored

where is everyone image lol


  • Me tooooo hello!!

    Have been spending lol am that bored, TV sucks on a fri night!!

  • mee i am here!! sooooo bored!!

    catching up on bones while on here!! david boreanz is soooo hot!!

  • hello ladies image friday tvs crap isnt it i just give hubby the remote and watch here and my FB image
  • hey i am bored how are you both today can not wait till tomorrow is over having my day 21 bloods then hospital appointment on tues

    how long you been trying for

    will be going to bed soon my head is killing still had tablets but nothing and slept for an hour today
  • hello emmajanesmith how are you,piss youve got a sore head,you getting your 21 day bloody to look for ov??

    been tryng nearly 2 years!!!! what about everyone else?
  • nope wish i did have a drink tho i do not know why i have a headache but i do suffer from them and they get really bad sometimes days at a time.
    yeah its for ov but my shortest cycle is 44 days ever my longest 2 years the cycle before was 68 days and then i have to have day 28 bloods to for ov to had my day2-4 bloods i have PCOS but the consultant i had last time said that could all change but i told him my AF's are so irregular oh well just going to do everything over again

    i have been trying for 22 months june 2008 sorry that was long
  • technically on month 18 but we had a 6 month break and been trying again since Mid Jan!!!

    i thought already having a lo would make it easier but it really hasn't!!! booooo!!!

  • EJS thats the same as me although ve not been to the doc,i should since my cycles are all over the place but dont want to be put own again after being told to lose weght not huge!! over weight yes
  • i had my 21 day bloods today they said we should have the results before tues yay my arm feel sore and i had loads of blood so might find out y

    i am over weight i will find out on tues
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