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Can anyone tell me how to share this months chart on here? And would anyone be good enough to look at it for me - see what you make of it? :\)


  • Hi Christine
    Go onto FF, down the left click on sharing then click on home page setup and thats the web address you need at the top.
    ALso, there is a chart gallery button at the top of the page, this is good to compare your charts with BFN and BFP. xxx
  • didn't want to r&r sorry hun I can't even make heads or tales of that thing, registered and stuff but it never seemed to work for me!!!! LOL Good luck hope you find some one to help you x
  • here we go...
    hope that works?
    Am in the first month of tracking BBt and have done a bit of CM tracking but not too much.. am also using a CBFM which has given me 2 bars from CD 11 am now CD 16 with still 2 bars....
    BD'd CD11 and 13 but then had to stop as had smear yesterday... was too pissed last night lol
    There is a higher reading on CD12 cause I had just had a brew and forgot what i was doing.. oops
    FF say I might have OV'd any time between Cd 8 and 14 what do you reckon?
    Have been comparing charts but really haven't a clue!

  • Hon
    I can't seem to see it for some reason.
    With FF, it doesn't tell you when you ovulated it tells you once you have already ovulated so it's not to be used on it's own. The first month I used it was more to see what it said (CD19) and then the second month I used OPK.
    Basically, w ithout seeing your chart you need to look for a temperature dip (this is ovluation) and then three temps straight after which are higher. Is there anyting like that?
  • I must have done something wrong with the setting then? I think, judging from what you say and looking at other charts I OV'd on CD14.. and we BD'd on CD 11 and 13... so I might have got it right this time?
  • Hi Christine, yes definaly, 11 and 13 would be perfect honey. It could be that the CBFM hasn't quite got used to your cycles yet so don't worry too much. fingers crossed honey. xx
  • Am very excited now! God i am going to be unbearable for the rest of my 2WW!
  • I hear ya my head is turned at least we can annoy each other about it!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm already frigging symptom spotting I torture myself more than anything!!!! LOL sednign you baby dust x
  • sending some your way too hun x x
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