mmm bit embrassing.....

just b4 goin 2 bed last nite,i felt sudden urge 2 go 2 the toilet,luckily made it 2 toilet just in time(tk gd)cos i had a bout off watery diarrohea(sorry tmi,hope no1 eatin while readin this)luckily was just a 1 off but had grippey pains in stomach until i fell asleep.does ne1 know if this may b pg symptom as i know u can get constipated n it can upset ur digestive system.feel fine 2day n normal buisness as been ne1 heard of this b4? sorry 4 share my b movements with u,just confused lol:roll:


  • if you havent had your bowels open for a while it may have been what we(at work) call an over flow where the bowel just gets overfull and basically gets rid of everything in there!sorry to be grapic but was it watery with a few small lumps? if so this may have been what it was. no idea if its a preg sypmtom but constipation is!
  • no lumps lol n wasnt constipated,had already been earlier in the day?????????
  • I am not sure it is a sign babe you may have a belly infection? I have read that being constipated is one but not having a bad belly though so many women have different things so you just never know.

    I would keep an eye on it , I take it it has not happened since then, how is your belly now. do you still have pains?

    K xx
  • hi k-lou,no just theonce last nite,no pains since.oh can b bit dopey sumtimes n said why dont u take sum immodium,i said i cudnt just incase im pg,he said it wud b ok 2 take nehow,i didnt risk it men havent got clue sumtimes x
  • What CD are you on babe?

    K xx
  • im on CD49 this wud have been 2nd proper af since stoppin the pill on april first af after withdrawl bleed was dead on 28 days,im hopin i ov alot later in CD if @ all.last done pg test on sun BFN im gona test again 2mos mornin.wot CD r u k-lou? x
  • Dodgy tummy was one of my pg symptoms...! I alternated between diarrhoea (sp??) and constipation for the first couple of weeks. Hopefully it's a good sign for you. xxx
  • hi, did you eat a load of bad food that day or day before? im asking because sometimes if I pig out on naughty food Ill get a bad tummy just the once off then im fine.
  • the day i got bfp i felt very nauseous and went to the loo a few times... not sure if this was pg though or something i ate. then in my early pg i was going to the loo more than normal (not the runs) whereas i am usually constipated. then again, i do have IBS.

    hope you feel better soon and that bfp is round the corner for you xxx
  • thanks all,my stomach feels a bit dodgy again now,but dnt need toilet tho(tk gd lol) have been havin niggly sort of cramps on n off for bout 3 wks now,so im gona test again 2mos mornin x
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