Hi ladies,

I already have a 19 week old bub, and i was taking the mini pill but i was bleeding most of the time so doc took me off it, so i don't know if i was protected during this time.
When i stopped taking it about 7 weeks ago, i had a 'period' but nothing since, so i'm very overdue, my last proper period was 11 feb!

I have had period pains for 2 weeks but no period, have done 3 tests but all negative!! haven't got sore boobs or anything but have felt quite run down lately!
What do you think??

Samantha x :\?


  • Hi honey, didn't want to r&r, there are some cases where bfp doesn't show for quite some time so there may be a chance but your body is probably all mixed up from the mini pill. I would go back to your doctor, I'm sure they will be able to help.
    Not sure if that helps you much??
    Good luck
  • hi, this happened to me last month but af finally showed up 3-4 weeks later. if you are worried, you could go c ur doctor and he could do a blood test to see if you are preg. sorry im not much help x
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