Ov and BD timing

Hey ladies, I've posted this on our regular cycle buddies thread, but wondering if anyone else can help too who might not be looking at that thread.

CD10 for me so time to get started, hurray! Although I'm now starting to get myself into a tizz over timing.

I don't want to use OPKs as I think they will just stress me out a little bit more, and my AF has been proving very regular, but I've looked at quite a few ov calendars on line and they all give me different days that will be my most fertile - some say Monday (13), some Tues (14), and I think one even said Weds.

I've decided we're not going to overboard this month and try and stick to every other day to protect sperm quality (as per NHS and Great Sperm Race advice), but I'm not sure now whether we should be looking at Monday too.....If I'm to go with the NHS recommended plan it should from today every other day til day 18, which would miss Monday (the best day according to babyhopes), but I'd hit day 14 (the best day according to NHS/askamum). I was thinking 10, 12, 14 (poss 15 for good measure), then miss a day, then add another couple of days at the end too to take us to 18/19
What do you think??????

Grrrh, why is this ttc business so complicated, I thought it was going to a doddle and fun. xx

ps. is it poss to ov overnight? I have been getting most of my ewcm and my AF late in the evening, so I'm wondering if I ov overnight on 14/15? AF is coming on cd28 about 8pm at night as a general.

Sorry for the rant but help please?!:\?


  • Hey, I haven't got any advice really but didn't want to r&r!
    I'm on CD11 and started to get some ewcm - my last cycle was 35 days but i'm gonna pin down o/h down now every other day! Apparently sperm can live inside you for up to 7 days so if you stick to your every other day you should have things covered.
    That Great Sperm Race was incredible and hits home just how hard ttc can be even if we do everything possible. Just remember to lie with your hips up after bd - not sure if it helps but might as well tip the balance for the little swimmers! LOL.
    Good luck and have fun! xxx
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