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Hi hun

How are you?

I noticed you were 5 days away from testing? did you test for ov this month or do the smep as planned?

Fingers crossed for your BFP.




  • Hey! image

    My god im shattered, I was rostered to work till 3 today when normally i finish at 2, i was shattered and i had no sleep whatsoever last night, I tossed and turned all night so i went home, oops hehe.

    Im not too bad, started get some really bright white milky CM today, i was like whats that, never seen it so white. On CD17 at the mo so fingers crossed. Started to have trouble sleeping, last night was the worst, finishing work at 10 and going back at 7 didnt help.
    Noticing a few veins on both (.)(.)'s, they feel fuller too, getting tiny spots all over me, my face and all my body, annoying! hehe

    Guess what? I couldnt help myself! :lol: well the usually paos addict i am, i tested earlier in the week, a line came on SD but its an evap, is one of there horrible coloured evaps.

    I havent got anymore so i have no choice but to wait, which is probably the best thing that all us POAS addicts can do, it saves money this way i suppose.
    Didnt test for OV this month just the usual 2-3 day thing, but occasionally missing days due to tiredness, i always get so angry with myself when we get so tired as we only have such a small fraction of time to catch it. Never mind.

    Hows you?



  • Hi hun

    Oh fingers crossed its your month, am ok thanks feeling a bit more positive just wish I could have got some answers from the doc instead of being fobbed off but sounds about right.

    I got really upset about the next stages of investigations if hubbys sperm is ok too but am ok now guess there will or could be worse to come.

    I just need to prepare myself for it all mentally, what does an evap look like?? am so sick of the faint line scenario with me hun, have googled till my hearts content about hcg levels and abnormally high levels and it is just unheard of he he. I think the doc just didnt want to confirm I had a chem pregnancy because to them 2-3 weeks is nothing or whatever I would have been!!

    Anyway onwards and upwards for us, hubby went out to watch the match and I went to the pics to see letters to juliet which was really good.

    Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight hun, we are going to try and do the smep but like you's we are always tired, hubbys job is very physically demanding and mine is just mentally draining so by time we have tea and relax am shattered and thats without a baby.

    I noticed my boobs were veiny the other night and they feel fuller and are still sore but am just waiting until i finish bleeding and then will maybe do a test just to be on the safe side!!!

  • Hiya,

    Was at work this morning and had the most horrible headache, took some paraceptomal and it went and then i fell asleep in the bathlittle while ago, you know when you nod off and you suddenly wake up :lol: My headache has got me back with avengance, i know i havent had a chance to drink much, been so busy today.

    I would of done the same, any problem i have i just google it, are you completely sure you have lost it? some people can bleed loads and still be fine. I didnt know but my SIL bled every month like a period and her baby was fine, its strange what our bodies do.
    When you stop bleeding see what another hpt says. I wish you all the luck.

    Ive got the veiny boobs too and they seem fuller, checked my cp today and for the 1st time ever i have felt that it is closed. Its always felt slightly open most of time in my cycle. If im about to have my AF surely it would be slightly open. Ive got 3 days left and its really dragging.



  • Hi hun

    I am not even sure I was pregnant!! docs wouldnt confirm it but last friday 4th June I had 25 m/lu in my urine so who knows lol.

    I was so upset but have started to look on the brighter side now as cant keep on thinking what if, why did it happen, can i conceive etc.

    I know people have been saying i could have high hormones but i got these checked out with all my bloods a few months ago and everything was fine.

    I think the doc didnt want to tell me I was pregnant because am in a fragile state i was near to tears when i explained everything and to them its so much of a regular occurence they dont care really!!

    I done a CBD before my last one and it said NP so am definately sure theres nothing there and the only other explanation could be that bleeding could be implantation and i could try a hpt in another week but I could end up driving myself insane so am just going to wait.

    I would have had quite high hcg levels by now, i would like the doc to re-test them just to see if I get another 25 but they wont so no point going there really!!

  • Hey,

    I suppose all you can do is sit and wait and see what happens, see what your body does. Its a shame this has happened, just wish all pregnancies were simple. I know exaclty what you mean about the drs not caring. When i first went in to the drs during my 80 day cycle thinking i was pg, they assume that its wishful thinking, thats why i ended up changing my drs. Fair enough he was right i wasnt pregnant but still it was rude, how was i to know. I could feel every symptom, he couldnt.

    Never mind eh, I feel you will get a BFP again very soon especially if you just had a chemical (more fertile now)

    Im now 11DPO and cervix is still high,soft and closed. Getting lower cramps on and off so getting abit worried, Creamy CM (lots), fuller boobs, few veins here and there. Tired and only just got out of bed not long ago.
    Hubby wants me to buy some tests today. Finally hes with me and not being so negative about it all.



  • Oh thats good hun, fingers crossed for you both, you deserve it.

    Hope to be reading a BFP from you soon, yeah fingers crossed for us am just chilling out about it all now.

    Have shed my tears and stressed myself out and I believe what people say pregnant or not pregnant is the way to go!! as cant handle the faint lines every month.

    My hubby is finally with me too, he sees me getting destroyed bit by bit tho and is worried for me.

    He's going with his SA on friday to hospital and then once his results are back we sit down with my doc to discuss our results.

    Dont want to be referred for anything yet as feel havent been trying quite a year but if not conceived after xmas at least we can get referred.

    Am sick of having blood tests!!!! image

  • Hi hun

    I had to bump this and see how you were getting on? Have you tested yet?

    Fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hey,

    I tested yesterday and i got an evaporation line, so i believe and it was a SD test too.
    So ive left it as not technically late till friday.
    Ive got a feeling i got it coz my cervix is still high and today ive never felt so ill in my whole life.

    I was at work and i was fine this morning till 11.30 ish i had a strange migraine that appeared out of no where and then i started to feel really faint, i thought i was going to collapse, i felt really sick and felt cold. My colleague asked if i was alright she said i looked terrible, i lost all the colour to my face.
    I was like this for about 2 hours, i nearly went home coz i just couldnt concentrate and i got snappy.coz i felt so crap,but i only had 45 minutes left till the end of my shift.
    It was like a switch turned off, i felt fine and normal right at the end of my shift, like it never happened. I just didnt feel myself at all, i was quite scared.
    Still got the continuous stomach cramps/ sharp pains and stitch pains in my belly area.

    Might test tomorrow or friday not sure, im scared of the disappointment.



  • Damn those bloody evaps hun, am scared of all tests now seen as how have had lines on them all just about!!

    What test you going to use on friday, I know what you mean about disappointment as I feel I will never get a CBD to say the words i want them to!!

    I was still bleeding but it was mixed in my cm up until yesterday this morning nothing and this afternoon gone back to a creamy yellow cm - whats your cm meant to do after AF, I feel quite wet lol (sorry tmi) boobs are sore and have had a stitch like pain and af cramps.

    I done my last CBD on sunday morning and sent hubby up to check it and it said not pregnant so my body is being very cruel to me!!

    Not sure I can take much more but i do feel alot more positive than what i did so thats good.

    Am only what is supposed to be CD7 so far too early for ovulation mmm??

  • bump

    How did you get on?

  • g/c (again!)...yeh MPP, how are u getting on? no news from u for a couple of days, hope all is well and that ur just busy celbrating a bfp???

  • Hi girlies.

    Sorry just a quickie.
    Having to use hubbys iPhone as we have got one of those fake viruses on our laptop. Everytime we turn the computer on boxes appear everywhere sayin we have got every virus going. They are the ones that try and convince you to buy full protection. Hubby took it to pc world and we have to pay ??50 to get it removed. Pc world said they are the worst things going at the minute and no anti virus will stop it.

    Not sure whether I'm getting faint lines or evaps on both sd and frer but got it on all 4 now. Think I'm gonna ring dr and make appointment but hubby says I have left them too long. Should I do a cbd? If I'm only getting faint lines cbd won't say it surely.
    Also stuck what to do got an interview this week for new job. What the hell do I do?

  • *double post*

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  • ahh there she is!

    crap news about ur laptop!

    if ur checking them within the time limits (no longer than 10 minutes) then i shoudlm imagine they're proper lines, but if they're not appearing until after 10 minutres then could well be evaps. have to say tho, my bfp on sd was faint on cd31 (10dpo), tested again cd34 was a bit better, didn't get a good strong line until cd37 (16dpo), if u've only got a tiny amount of hcg that a sd is only giving faint lines then ur not gonne get a bfp on a clear blue as they're much less sensitive, and willl get a 'not preg' even tho u could be just too early for cbd to pick it up, apparantly cbds are best used when ur AF is at least a couple of days late. i'd go to the doc or family planning clinic and get a preg test done with them, at elats u'll know then that its been checked with in the time limit, or do another sd and make sure u check it after 5 minutes and no later than 10 minutes.

    re the interview? are u unsure whether to tell them ur preg/poss preg/ttc? in which case, dion't tell them, and they're not allowed to ask, if they do they're breaking the law as its irrelevant information as to whther ur capable of doing the job...u don't legally ahve to tell ur employer until ur 25 weeks pregnant, most say before that though for booking ooff scan appointments (as u still get paid for these) and to have the risk assessment done, but u certainly don't need to tell a prospective employer until u've actually got the job. hth, and good luck! xxx

  • Hi hun

    Good luck with the new job, hope you get it.

    Keep me posted on the faint lines, hope they get stronger for you are the strong enough to take a pic??

    I am wondering if I do have a hcg level of 25 when am not pregnant as have done 2 frer tests one thur afternoon and one on sat morning both have v.v.v. faint lines on them and I took them both apart the line is there but its too early for me to be pregnant again. So maybe now am thinking I was never pregnant but it isnt fair to keep getting faint lines so until i get a line I can see like the line I got on predictor test which was a bfp but still faint but good enough to photograph am not stressing hun and going about my everyday business.

    I was on a hen night last night and I had a really good time took my mind off the last few weeks of confusion etc. Hubby still hasnt done his SA everytime we try to refrain a few days we end up doing the naughty so he has to wait to build it back up again now.

    Keep me posted on here or email me on FB chick

  • I could take a few photos but won't upload till I get our laptop back. They have got it booked in for fixing tomorrow morning.

    Oh forgot to mention I was more worried about maternity leave, a friend of mine said you have to be there a year in order to get maternity leave, so it's the money side of things worrying me there. I think I would have to tell them quite soon (if I am) as the interview is for a HCA at a hospital due to infections and lifting it would be best I told them AARRGGHH.

    It taking me ages to type this up on the iPhone. Um what was I gonna say next. :lol: oh yeah the faint lines. I've seen dead faint lines on alloyed time and as time went on they got darker. The sd ones seem clearer but they are thin lines and sound like evaps. I used a predicitor having no idea it was 12mlu and I never saw anything. Also used wilkos 25mlu and faint thick line. Abit annoying really. I don't want to feel I'm wasting the drs time.
    Ok hubby just got our desktop computer running so gonna move onto that, he's giving me evils coz I keep using his phone.

  • Ah its nice to be back on the normal computer but not used to the chunky keys! image

    Unless you are pg again or it could be just the chemical pg its picking up, Ive seen on other posts that the hpts carrying on giving lines but they just get fainter and fainter.

    Hope you had a great time last night, i saw your status last night, we went to dog races last night, it was quite good actually, would of been better if he listened to me in the 1st place when betting, we would of been rich!

  • Cheers hun

    Just saw your other post, please dont leave me am so lonely on TTC now hardly anyone ever on as everyone is getting their BFP's

    On the other hand I do hope you get the job hun it will be good for you and added bonus the extra money.

    Keep us posted

  • god im well annoyed, i was on the laptop just now typing in my reply to you and a bloody box come up saying one of my files is infected, Just paid ??50 for them to remove it and its still there, so now just had to move on desktop computer. Its a stupid fake virus and they like to trick us, i didnt risk it i just switched it straight off.

    Anyway what i said was, dont worry im not going anywhere, im staying put, its gonna be hard though seeing all these BFP's and being on a break.,Theres blooming millions of the buggers, its that time of year i think! image

  • He he I know everywhere I look BFP, BFP, BFP!!

    Well I must be the queen of evap lines hun having discovered that website as am still getting lines within the time frame and they arent BFP's.

    I cant afford to buy any more tests now have spent somewhere in the region of 200-300 on tests and opks in 6 months!!! Could have had a bloody CBFM and prob would have got a BFP by now.

    Think am just not good at tracking ov.cm etc looking for the signs, also i rely on ov same time each month and doc said ov can be delayed or earlier so we just need to have regular SEX!! and hopefully will catch a eggie!!

    Good luck for your interview tomorrow image

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