feeling sick

hi all

AF due next wednesday but feeling really sick today and yesterday.
i know this wont make sense but i dont feel ill in myself just feel like i am about to be sick. no matter what i do i feel it. got stomach cramps on and off too.
all my friends tell me to go to drs but i dont dare incase he turns around and says its only a virus or something.

i dont expect people to reply i just needed to tell someone how weird i'm feeling and knowing you're all going through it makes it easier to talk about it. i seem to only ever come on here to moan, i'm nhot usually such a misrable person but really cant help it when TTC. sorry to keep moaning, i promise i'll put a cheary message on here one day!!! xx


  • aw i understand not wanting to go to the DRs as you dont want to be sad. Its so rubbish sometimes.

    P.S. everyone has bad days where they want to moan-thats ok, everyone does it.

    x x x
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