Tested this morn and .........

Its a BFP Cant believe it. Had period like cramps for bout 10 days and some spotting. Hope its a sticky bean. Going to try not to get too excited.
Good luck everyone



  • Wohoooo!
    Congratulations Care_bear!!
    Guess i will see you in DIN! Whats your edd??
    Mines is 21st nov

    Annette xx

  • Think it will be 18th Nov just done estimated date on nhs web site. Im a bit scared to go to DIN. When are you going to docs? xx
  • Well i actually had the docs yesterday to get all my test results from fertility clinic so my doc was as shocked as i was yesterday!!
    All results came back clear so thats good.
    Im going to be getting an early scan but as i lost my last one at 7 weeks i told him i dont want one before that!
    Ive to go back in 3-4 weeks for my booking apointment.
    Make an appointment this week for yourself & they will keep you right.
    Im a little scared to go in DIN just now so might hang off a bit yet,
    Were you trying long?
  • Congrats Care bear!

    I got my bfp this week. I have irregular cycles but for now I think 22nd November will be the EDD, based on a positive opk 13 days ago.

    I know what you mean about DIN, I'm too scared to go in there too, I'll move there after my 12 week scan as I'm so so nervous about the first trimester and the 'due in' forums just make me feel more nervous when I look at all the symptoms I 'should' be having.

    Here's hoping the three of us have super sticky beans that turn into lovely little babies ... and a happy, healthy, and worry free 9 months!

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  • Stupid BE... double post

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  • 1 month dont want to sound insensitive hun. Sorry for your mc last time. Wishing you all the luck in the world xxx
  • Thanx Beccaroo congrats too. Like you i think i will wait a while b4 going to DIN. Take care xx
  • Dont be daft care_bare,its not insensitive. Thats fab it only took you 1 month!! xx
  • Thanx Kylesmum, is this your 2nd baby ? xx
  • Congratulations, first time lucky! x
  • Congratulations! X
  • Aww congrats!
    When I got my BFP with Amber I had cramps for a couple of weeks which started around the time af was due - I was convinced it wouldnt stick but apparently its completely normal!

    Well done image

  • yay! well done hun! congrats! x
  • Thanx Amber-Lou's-Mum thats reasurring!! Going to docs Tues xx
  • congratulations x
  • Congratulations! Brilliant news image
  • Congratulations!! xx
  • congrats to ye on your bfp.

    sending ye lots and lots of sticky baby dust **********************

  • Hi Carebear congrats hun, how many dpo were you when you tested?

    I am on my 2ww but last 2 days have been having afish type cramps so I decided to do an opk just incase it was late ovulation and there was no smiley which is good because I got my smiley last sun so the most i could be is 6dpo depending when I ovulated but I know I was going to if that makes sense.

    Am not sure if these symptoms could be too early for pregnancy but my nippples are sore and sensitive.

    Anyway listen to me rambling on you must be over the moon, I hope to be joining you but wont be testing until next week.

    Have a fab weekend and congrats on getting caught first time xx
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