CD31, still no af, shall I test today?

Hello Ladies, i'm going out to the shops in 10 minutes, do you think I should test? x


  • yes yes yes yes yes yes yes image

    Good luck babe let us know.

    k XX
  • Okay, i'm on my way out now, i'll let you know x
  • Ohhhhhh good luck babe i have everything crossed for you right now. only take it if you feel ready to ok I don;t want you to thikn i have pushed you into doing one.

    i am sooo excited for you how cool would it be if you feel on your first month of trying!!!!

    Though just know that if it's a BFN that is ok as well and it will be good to have a real af before trying as you know your body is getting back to how it should be.

    k xx
  • im on CD33 and bfn so you never know, im not allowed to test till saturday now, cos even if its BFN i do not believe it!!!! good luck honey xxxxxx
  • You havn't tested 2day have you Twizzle?? I'm keeping my eye on you!!! lol! x
  • no sarah + girlybump3! i have not!!!! but was a bfn on sat wasnt it!!! i dont wanna go on that naughty spot!!! image xxxxxx
  • i tested today because its my oh's birthday at the weekend and I wanted to have a nice surprise for him. How silly is that? - especially I'd already had a bfn on Sunday
  • flush wat CD R u? not silly at all image you might have low HCG (if thats wat the hormone is called!!!) and it might not have shown up xxx
  • Good luck jenny bunny,
    i tested yesterday and on cd33 today but BFN! x
  • Fiona is this your first month off the pill? x
  • Good girl!!! Keep away from those tests lol!! Still no sign of the witch then hun? x x x x
  • oh fi image have u come on yet!!!???? we might still b ok honey xxxxx
  • Im soooo scared no havent come on yet but i have felt like im about to for ages, you know when you get that feeling but nothing! i hope were pg twizz!!
    jenny bunny, we have been trying 7 months after having coil in! felt so sick yesterday that i just had to test but so sad it was bfn xxxxx
  • ive been at work past 2 days and literally egtting up ap and down every hour to check lol!!!! havent had any pains that i usually get from af either oh please please let us be pg!!! image
  • Yeah I keep feeling like i'm going to but then I don't and today I felt a bit faint, dizzy and sick!! What is going on???? x
  • did u test the jen??? xxxx
  • are you gonna test jenny?
    I havent had cramps but my tummy felt like it was swirling inside yesterday!! and my boobs have been achy since last week. I really hope I got a bfn cos too early, not fmu and cheapo test!!
    ppllllleeeeeaaaaasssse let us be pg! im begging.
    Im going mad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i did not fmu and it was asda 1 pound for 2!!!! so fingers crossed, mayb we should by cb if we dont come on, on sat as a well done 4 being so good and waiting, i also have a hideous burn on my arm from the ketle and im in so much pain but dont wanna take any thing incase LOL!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • ooooh- how did it go??
  • Yeah I test and it was a BFN!! Clear blue digital test as well, is it just me or when you get a bfn does anyone else convince themself that it's too early or you haven't done the test properly or it's wrong or anything but believe that it is a bfn??? x
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