if you were to...

well what it is what month would you like to have a baby when you get PG just wondered and what reason would you have it for

well personally i dont mind as i have no idea suppose i just want to get PG lol

My B/D is feb my 1st D/D is june my 2nd D/D is april but also in june is my O/H sister and dad so i would say hope june i don't have another one there O/H mum is oct i think and O/H is nov


  • cool its nice to know the reasons behind it thats sweet its just a hard month june but if i was to have another baby then thats cool to
  • i was wishing for a december baby so i wouldnt have to work over christmas ( retail managment is a bitch lol ) but i would love a autum/winter or spring baby, anabel was a june baby and i hated being heavily pregnant in the summer x totally selfish reasons lol x
  • i don't know i loved being PG both times
  • I had dd in Dec 08 and were due a May 10 baby and I was delighted to have a may baby for some reason, dunno if because wedding anniversary is in May or because just one those months everyone seems happy. But happy to have a baby whenever now.
    Loved having dd in Dec as once I started to get big, the winter nights were kicking in and have gorgeous memories of me and oh with fire blazing and us picking names and planning for our lo. We're dying for another baby but will be different this time than those last few weeks snuggled up with excitement of not knowing what lay ahead...
    Feck am I getting emotional or what lol
  • I would say either May or October....

    DH's bday is June, mine is March and DD was born Feb 08.... For DH's bday we can have a bbq and have loads of peeps over bc we can go outside and not be stuck in a cramped house. DD and I don't have that luxury! We live in Canada and in Feb/March that means SNOW!

    I like May because it's the start of nice weather and October because we have no bdays that month. In my immediate family (parents, 4 siblings and 12 neices and nephews + ILS) October is a bday free month! the only prob. with october is that I would be heavily preg. in summer which I don't like - very hot and HUMID in this part of the world!

    At the end of the day, any month is good .... If we get lucky in a few weeks we could be having another Februay baby and I'd be over the moon!

    Babydust to all!
  • so sorry mummychops

    frillypink i wanted to move to just under canada in minnesota plymouth don't know y but it had the top 10 scoll in usa i think it was number 1 thinking of the children lol but my O/H uncle lives in canada london i think not to sure lol

    oh yeah my mum is a may and sister is july my dad is a day before my birthday lol in feb

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  • hey girls! I always wanted a christmas baby, my first baby was born april07 and we started trying in march for a christmas baby but sadly it never happened so im now tryin for a january one! Im a sep baby and my dh is a march one, i really dont mind now as i missed out on a dec one lol, good luck to us all getting bfps! X x x
  • I'm trying to miss my audit next year so a February baby would be lovely LOL ..

    Failing that I'll take any month - I'm getting on a bit and don't want to be a too much of an "older" mum ...
  • I don't mind what month as long as it's not on a family member's bithday!

    My daughter was born in june on an uncle's birthday and my son was born in december on an auntie's birthday and five days away from mine.

    This one is due in Jan and to my knowledge there aren't any birthdays that month apart from my late godfather!
  • lol nic good luck for your BFP

    lol shirls heres to you for a feb baby i love my birthday in feb but don't think i would like to share it but i don't mine lol

    i'm with you clare i don't think i want another june baby but if its ment to be then so be it lol
  • I'm a July baby and I think being a summer baby is fab! In all honesty I wouldn't mind which month my baby's birthday was although I do really like the sound of a May/June baby!! I like the idea of a September baby too but the OH's mum & brother are September babies and my older sister and my dad are September babies so it'd be a busy month! x
  • I have an august baby and I love that because birthday parties are always outdoors, for my second I would obviously be glad of any time but if I could choose it would be some time in early spring 1 because the Lo's birthdays would be nicely spaced 2 spring is such a lovely time
    of year and finally because I spenty last mat leave off from aug till April so the whole of winter and only the very end of summer would be nice to have spring / summer off to take the babies out image x
  • my 2nd daughter was 4 weeks early she would have been a may baby

    i wanted to get PG for aug as you have baby then kids go back to school then you have a nice one on one
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