Any runners?

Hi there. I was just wondering if any of you girls who were tcc were runners and if you are intending to keep it up once you get your bfp? I'm doing the great north run and was just wondering what peoples thoughts were x


  • G/C as saw this on front page. I took up running after having dd1 to lose weight and ended up getting quite into it. I was training a lot while ttc as I was doing the marathon, and I was actually about a week or two pg when I ran it. The GP said to me as I was fit and healthy that i could keep running for as long as I felt comfortable, which was eventually about 25 weeks. It was a Physio that eventually convinved me to stop as she explained the pressure my pelvic floor muscles were under. Basically they can be extremely weakened (ie Paula Radcliff going for a wee at the side of the road during London Marathon as she has weakened hers by running right up until the end).

    Apparently cycling is a really good form of exercise to do.

    Good luck with the Great North Run, its a great atmosphere, it was the first run I did when I started.
  • Hi Sarah. Thank you for you reply. I've done the great north run twice and loved it. Just gettin back into my running and would like to keep it up but not to the detriment of other things if you know what I mean. I do do cycling too though so will try and do both for as long as I can once I get pregnant. Thank you for your help.

    V x x
  • im just ttc so havent done any exercise whilst pregnant but from what i understand its not a problem unless you are in discomfort, although your gp will be able to advise. im hoping to do great north run 2011, im just doing the newcastle race for life this year. just cycled 13 miles today, havent been on a bike in 18 months x
  • Hi iv only just seen this -I am training for a half marathon. I love running but after a chem preg in jan and been to dr about t t c she said while I am training it's unlikely I will get pregnant because o f the strain on my body . I just wanted to shAre- I intend to run after tho just not so gardcore and want to run when we do get preg x xx
  • Thanks Disney princess. I'm doing a half marathon in September too. I really enjoy running. I'm starting a boot camp next week though. The trainer is pregnant and she is going to keep an eye on me x

    thank you so much for your advice x
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