Anyone else experience pain in between AF's?

Hi Ladies

Havent been on much lately, Im on month 16 ttc got my lap and dye 31 July. I get pain althrough my cycles at first i thought it was ov pain but seen as i get it at different times of the month cant be that it sore and niggley sometime sharp doent last for long comes and goes. Does anyone else expericent this or has and found out what it is?

Hope you are all well baby dust to you all.

jen xx


  • hey hun sorry didn't want to read and run. i have odd pains but i never know what is what - as i suffer IBS and get very strange pains with that.
    glad you have got lap and dye coming up - hopefully some good luck will come your way soon xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi

    On my 2ww I get lots of different niggles. I am on CD 4, and have what feels like ov pain too.

    If you are worried have you asked your dr? xx
  • Hi Mithical

    I get them from begining of cycle all the way through till my af. That is one of the reasons they are doing the lap and dye.

    jen xx
  • Really sorry, obviosly didn't read carefully enough! The lap and dye can detect any blockages etc in your tubes. So I am guessing that is what they are looking for. But sorry I don't know what it could be image xx
  • Hi Jen have they done an internal scan? Or are they doing that before your lap and dye?
  • They did a scan on me first? I get bad pain round OV XXX
  • Hiya I get these ALL the time but I think that most of it is due to my cyst on ovary. They're really common and dont usually cause any harm. I have had 3 scans and in total they have showed I have had 4cysts come and go. Something to consider? xxx
  • Thanks, no i havent had a scan and they havent mentioned it either. Hoping that the lap and dye will show something if there is anything. A Cyst had crossed my mind guess we'll find out soon enough.

    jen xx
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