How many

Kids would you all like???????

This is my 2nd and last...... But if i ever have my way i would love a large family.... I don't have any family and i have a me made family now so i would love to make it huge :lol:
If money was never a prob i would never stop having babys :lol:

what about everyone elce ???


  • Ideally I would love 2, don't think I would want anymore than that, but need to try and get 1 first! :\(
  • I would like 2. Me and my brother always got on (well not alwasy but most of the time) and it was nice having someone to play with when i was little. Whereas my OH is one of three and in his family it seemed that his sister got pushed out and she isn't really close to him or his other sister because of that!!! xx
    agree with sarah though, it would be nice to have one first!!!
  • We'd like 2, ttc the first at the moment. I am an only child, and have always said that I'd have 2 kids, luckily hubby wants 2 as well! x

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  • i am saying that i want more but if i dont have a BFP by sept then were stopping ttc with not much chance in restarting :cry:

  • Husband wants as many as possible - 4+ we're talking here. I say let's see after one. I would ideally like two, so they don't get lonely.
  • I'd love 3, a boy then 2 girls! That would be perfect image

    If money wasn't an object i'd have lots though. Well i'd have no more than 5.

    Good question :\)
  • at least 2 i'd love xx
  • I think I would like 2 or 3 (hubby says def no more than 2!) I definitely don't want an only child if it can be helped, as I have 3 brothers and loved having them as I grew up.
  • We want 3-4....Twins run in both our families I have fingers x'd for twins image

  • I would say 2 or 3 xx
  • We would like 2 but if we had a surprise a little later down the line it'd be lovely :lol: xx
  • In an ideal world - 2 or 3. But I would feel sooo blessed to have just one!
  • If I can just manage to have one I'll feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but really I'd like at least 2! xx
  • I'm the same as lots of the girls on here, I would be so grateful to just get pregnant with my first right now...but in an ideal world I would like 3. I was one of 3 and I loved the dynamics of my family so fingers crossed that happens : ) .x.
  • Id like two or three, OH wants 2.
    Deb-twins run in my family too!!! Also a psychic told me id have....but i dont think id mention it to a Dr or MW!!!!
  • We've got 1 lo and I'd like to have 2 or 3 more. Hubby has said in the past he wants 2 more.....we'll see lol! x
  • I'd love to have 3. Hubby says he only wants 1 so he can spoil him/her rotten but i was the baby of the family with 2 older brothers who are 11 years older. With that gap it was like being an only child and I would have loved a brother or sister closer to my age. I'd like that for my kids but I will be happy with 1 if that's all that will come along. Still waiting for my first so long way to go xxx
  • Pppppplease can we have two?

    We already have beautiful Ruby and on month 7 of ttc number 2.

    I always wanted, ever Since I can remember (3 girls!) but I am really crap at being pregnant AnD have alot of problems, And nOw havinG problems ttc too So have decided That if we're lucky enough to have 2 then We wILL STOP AnD HUBbY will Get The SNip, As You guessed It, hormone conTRACeption Screws me up to!

    pLS Excuse the crazY letters, rubY spilt Her milk On laptop this mornInG! xx
  • I've got 1 already, but i'd like another 2 if possible.

    What is your avatar pic Gem, i'm sure it's really obvious but it's making my eyes go funny looking at it!!
  • ive got 1 lo and would love another one, i always wanted 3 kids but i think we will stop after the
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