What are these cramps?

Im 12dpo (although im convinced I didnt OV this month) and on Weds im expecting my 3rd period (4th if you include the withdrawal one straight after last pill) since coming off the pill. They were clock work from the start (28 days). I have been getting brown spotting from 4/5 days before my period was due (so Sat/Sun right up until my period arriving Weds morning).

This month however I havent had this spotting BUT I had some cramping yesterday. On & off for most of the day but on occasion quite strong. I dont normally get period cramps (and never did before the pill 9 years ago either) and would I get them 2 days before AF due!!??


  • My AF cramps usually start up to a week before! And they can be really harsh!! It is odd you usually get spotting but haven't this month? You could be PG - if AF doesn't arrive wednesday then I would do a test as your symptoms have changed! Good luck xx
  • Thats what im hoping but im trying to keep my mind off that it could be that and just look at what other things it could be instead. But of course we all know that its not easy to forget about it especially when we know our bodies are being different!
  • Im now feeling sick!
  • lol

    It could have been implantation pains. You don't always get implantation spotting. Wait until af is late, then test! I would just say I stopped taking the pill end of March, and had sore bb's last month, which was new to me.

    Hope yours is a bfp though. xx
  • Sorry for the detail but im very wet down there and it smells like period but no actual period or spotting!? This never normally happens so close to AF. Ive been getting brown spotting but nothing else...

    I had been so good with the symptom spotting this month and hadnt really even been on this site much but with these 3 rather confusing additions the symptom spotting has resurfaced!
  • winnie when i got my bfp in april i had af cramps before i got my bfp - i was convinced af was coming. which was strange because i never get AF cramps until full flow so i don't know why i thought that. i also had increased cm, so fingers crossed for you!
  • Youre so like me! I am on on month 3 after coming off the pill which I had been on for 10 years and I am due on on Wednesday too! Havent a clue if we've been successful yet as I have had no cramps or outbreaks of spots at all since coming off the pill, AF just appears one day unfortunately, so I dont get any warning signs. Had tonnes of warnings when I was on the pill!
  • Well...she hasnt found me as such but ive had a slight amount of my usual brown spotting but this time only 24 hours before my AF is due instead of the 4/5 days is has been.

    Whilst my OH and I are gutted again this month and not happy to be starting month no 4 (5 really but we dont count the 1st one!) we are taking a positive spin on it....at least (excluding the 1st month) my cycle is again spot on at 28 days (well providing I come on tomorrow which the way I feel today is certain) and that for me is a positive thing because at least I know im regular and the 1st 3 werent just flukes.

    It also means I wont be a big fat bride now because my wedding is in 10 weeks so at least I know ill be able to fit in my dress afterall! Maybe someone 'up there' decided that I shouldnt have a baby bump in my dress!!
  • Its not over yet hun, i there is no red blood it could be a good sign, Good luck hope you get your bfp, that would be lovely to be pg on your wedding day! xxx


  • Keep us posted hun, and fingers crossed af gets lost on the way! xx
  • Well its not totally here but ive had a little more brown spotting. Nothing heavy and only when I wipe but its enough to convince me its coming tomorrow as planned!

    One thing I would say...and its gross so sorry....but id like to know if anyone else has it too? On the last day of my period I normally get light bleeding & very wet discharge which often soaks through my tampon and kinda looks/feels like my body is just flushing the rest of the period out and it has a slight odour to it (different to the rest of the period where its just the blood smell). Well im getting that same smell today - I never get it before my period??? Its not very nice at all! Im very concious of it.
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