a wave of it has just come over me. not nice!!!

just want tomorrow to come quicker!!!! i hate this limbo!!


  • Is tomorrow your testing day? good luck - nausea is a good sign xx
  • well tomorrow is af due day!!

    and i have spent so bloody much on poas ( i am a reformed addict) that i decided to wait it out until i am due. if it doesn't arrive then i will test on sat morning with fmu!

    i am hoping it's a good sign as with the past months i have been symptom city at least a week before af due, if not more and its been different this time, only lower back ache and cramps in lower abdomen and sore nips. whereas previously my boobs grew before af!!! also very wet downstairs so i am keeping my fingers crossed!!
  • good luck hun its probably the only time we love the thought of being or feeling sick! lol
  • hahha, i know!!!

    are you waiting for tmrw as well chick?
  • Good luck old sock! Really hope it is your bfp!
  • urgh, its getting worse, like when your jaw gets heavy with it (if that makes sence). it better had be a bfp!!! or i am in for a nasty week with af!!!
  • Good luck hun. I hope its a sign of your bfp xx
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