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hi hun,

noticed in your post you think you oving just now. ive not done opk's or anything this month and starting to regret it.lol. we going to bd till wednesday to then im going to class that as 1dpo. just wandered if you wanted to be cycle buddies we can see each other through our 2ww.lol.xxxx


  • hiya, def up for that. im going to class tuesday as 1dpo but at least we can do the 2ww together. this cycle is already killing me!!! lol. the stitch pains have stopped now, so am wondering if they were ovulating pains!!! this ttc lark is so annoying!!
    how are you getting on? xx
  • well decided this month to have a rest and relax, its been the worst thing ever.lol. hate that i dont know wether i have ov'd or not so if i dont get my bfp this month its back to the temping and opk's.lol.

    ive been getting ov pains since wednesday so hoping they stop soon and i can get on with the 2ww.lol.xxxx
  • Hi Angel, how are you getting on hun?

    Im now 4-5 dpo and getting weird pulling feelings in my tummy really low down...feel like im clutching at straws and so early on in the 2ww!! lol xx
  • keeping everything crossed for you hun. im only 2dpo so nothing as such. i feel quite relaxed at the moment but we see how i am when i get to 7dpo.lol.xxxx
  • I don't know what i will be like at 7-8dpo!!!! image
    i think im going to try and relax about it over the weekend as with having to live in a hotel at the moment its hard to get on the internet....as it is soo slow!!! mind you, i am never off this site and i keep picturing on what the nursery would look like when i do become pg again....gggrrr im my own enemy! xx
  • we all are.lol. ive got a busy weekend then i just need to keep busy next week,lol. i say im not going to go online during the day then i cant help myself. im never on for long but pop on 6or 7 times a day when im not working,lol.xxx
  • Hi Angel hun,

    So much for me not coming on BE over the weekend lol...ive now broken out with spots on my chest, blue veins showing, my right bb is now slightly tender to touch, i also had a dizzy spell whilst driving and had to pull over. i still have niggling feelings in my lower abdominen and a weird tingling sensation too - thats only happened a couple of times this evening....this is going to be the longest 2ww!! lol xx
  • oooh hun, sounds very promising. i cant remember much about the early symptoms in my first preg but one thing i do remember is the dizzy turns, we were decorating at the time and i nearly fell off the ladder.lol.

    im only dpo and the only promising thing is that i dont have af cramsps yet which i have had the last couple of month.xxx

    ooh and a random runny nose.?????.xxx
  • I wish I remember my first pg too!!! my lo was unplanned but we were thrilled when we found out, so it was only when i realised i was 2 weeks late that i did a test and lo and behold i was pg.....haha.....if only i could ever 'forget' that i was in the 2ww eh? i had another dizzy turn over breakkie this morning so who knows?

    how many dpo are you? i had af type cramps when i was 2-3dpo this cycle but they have now stopped..tummy is just now tender. im now 6dpo.

    ive heard the random runny nose is a sign as it comes and goes out of nowhere!! Sending lots of baby dust xx
  • hi hun, thankyou but i think im out. im only 4dpo but yet again the af cramps have started early usual. i am stamping about here in a terrible mood and i think i need to step back altogether.xxx

    your symptoms sound fab hun, really promising, really hope its you month.xxx
  • G/C Hi Lolly!! Missed ya over on YAYW, how's things hun? your symptoms are sounding very promising, have my fingers crossed (and for you too Angel!) I'm 7dpo today and have had a few twinges and pains but nothing really obvious, I'm trying my hardest not to SS this time but can't help poking my BB's everyday to see if it hurts :lol: xx
  • Hey Angel / Huni.

    Sorry I couldn't find this post and have now found it lol!!! Im now 11dpo and Im dying to test...Im having lots of little flutterings today in my tummy, lots of cm too, bbs less sensitive during day but night time is hard to get comfy, 2 bfn so far on 9 & 10 dpo, so im trying hard not to poas....oh also a little low back ache on my right side, yesterday it was the left side - never get these with af so hoping its a good sign image xx

    Huni, i cant remember my sign on for yayw, it will eventually come to me...my last post was a bit of 'mare mind so i dont know about coming back on lol xx
  • Hello Angel & MrsLolly,

    Just wanted to pop in and wish you both lots of luck for a BFP this month.

    Sending both of you lots of baby dust xx
  • aww you have to come back and announce your BFP on Monday!! image

    Symptoms are sounding great hun, really really hope you get your BFP, you deserve it so much xx
  • hi girls. ive not been on much got a bit down at beginning of 2ww coz i was cramping as usual so have stayed away as it all getting on top of me a bit. this week my symptoms have been a bit mixed so i suppose there is still a chance but not looking into it much as i dont think i could take it if i was wrong again.

    mrslolly you symptoms sound very promising, i will be loggin gon monday to hopefully see you bfp post.xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Well I wont be posting a bfp post im afraid. my period came along two days early....my bbs still hurt and im gutted esp if i didnt have the chem pg in december i would have been having my 12 week scan this week...i feel so down, had a right go at DH for not understanding.

    So all the 'symptoms' I had was an evil trick, I never get sore bbs, or dizzy spells, so really thought we had done it again, oh well back to square one.

    I have now invested in a cbfm and will see if this helps...i feel so blue image xx
  • Oh MrsLolly I am sorry the witch got you, how evil that you were getting new signs. I am sure that the CBFM will be great for you though, I got my BFP 2nd month of using it :\)

    Angel100 how are you getting on? xx
  • I know!! I'm hoping the CBFM will help me out. I was talking to one of my best friends and she conceived the 2nd month of using the cbfm too so hopefully in about three months I will be pregnant, I can only hope.

    Feeling more optimistic this morning, I've started temping this month properly too...just have to remember to do it.

    B+B what was that website again that you emailed me the link. I'm off work tomorrow so I am going to try and use the time to get my account set up on it for this month.

    When do you have to start testing with the cbfm I haven't had a chance to open it up what with the house move, but thankfully can access babyexpert via my blackberry lol!! Xx
  • awww mrslolly i am so sorry she found you i was so sure it was your month. our bodies are so cruelo to us.. big hugs and i really hope that cbfm is lucky for you.xxxxxx

    B&B im ok, a little more pma as my symptomsare a little better but not getting hypes up coz ive been wrong in the past.xxxxxxx
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