OPKs question???

I was reading up on OPKs this morning and found something that said it was bad to have four or more positive ov sticks in a row and this points to polycystic ovaries or other probs. I'm hoping this is absolutely rubbish because i've had a positive on sat and today is the first time it's gone again. I thought that the first peak indicated ov and then you should ignore the rest as the LH can stay high for a while.???:\?

Does anyone know?


  • i think we may be using different test but mine is just a stick with 2 lines and mine is always fairly strong, not quite enough for ov i dont think but always a lot of lh in my system but apparently thats normal

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  • Thanks siandonna, yeah mines always got a line but when the line is stronger than control line or the same it's considered a positive. Mine's been stronger for 5 days!
  • i would say you are ov then, make sure ou bd lots just incase
  • OPKs don't work for everyone.
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