Should I or shouldnt I....

I am on CD29 and 14dpo and AF was due yesterday/today. It still hasnt arrived but I am sooooo scared to test in case its a BFN.

What would everyone else do?

(will probably turn up now I have posted on here :cry: )


  • I would love to say go for it but I know how you feel..I am due Boxing day and it is taking all my will power to wait to test..
    test too early and it could be negative anyway .. sorry I have been no help at all!
    Good luck and let us know xx
  • OH Good Luck Hun x
    Hope its a BFP xxxxxx
  • Lol I would test!! Hopefully you will get a BFP XX
  • Give it another day and then test

    *fingers crossed for you*
  • Hi VWGirl - I am due today so know exactly how you feel!! I am going to hold off for another day or two just in case AF turns up. I don't think I really want to see a BFN!! Good luck!!
    H xx
  • I would always rather see AF than a BFN, so i know what you mean!
    leave it another day then test (if you were due yest this will make you a couple of days over)!
    then let us know!!!
  • Thanks for all your replies, think I will test in the morning! not going to mention anything to OH tho
  • no... i didn't either... just went off and did the test in the bathroom!
  • AF showed her ugly head today!!! No xmas pud for me : (


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  • sorry vwgirl, ((((hugs)))) take advantage of being able to indulge in a little Christmas drinking and prep for a 2010 bean xxx
  • O hun, sorry the witch turned up.

    as soon as she buggers off u can do some more of the fun bit though - BDing LOL!

  • Thanks for the hug, really needed it, this ttc malarky is starting to get me down!

  • hey,

    same here - i'm very happy and full of pma right now but i am pretty sure that if no bfp this cycle then that's it - we will b off to docs - well - i may last 1 more cycle after this but then no more mrs nice girl - i will not b able to tske anymore-i will need answers!

  • We all feel the same, spend forever trying not to get bfp and then the opposite xx
  • OH hun she is so mean ((((((((((((( xmas huggles ))))))))))))))

    gems x
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