just a lil update from me

hey every1 how r u all??
first of all wana say congrats so SparklingDiamond, you deserve it so much hun, heres to a H&H 9 months hunxx

so i had 17 lots of blood taken from me last monday due to 3 mc in a row, didnt go to well, made me very sick and passed out but eventually was ok! they said my results would take 3 - 4 weeks to come back so just waiting for my appointment to come now, gunna b a long wait. i dont really get it because a lot of women say they have blood around day 21 aswell but im not having these, only days 1- 4 bloods?

OH is going to have some bloods taken 2moro, not sure why but we are doing as we are told.

i have been told by the nurse not to ttc this month as if i need treatment i cannot be pregnant, its so hard not to go ahead and try, i really have to listen to my head and not my heart.

my friends baby is due next week to, they began ttc when we did and i always said i would be pregnant b4 she was due, wish i hadnt said that now. i feel so cross with myself for not looking forward to hearing her news, im really dreading how i will react but i just cant help it...i wish i could.

anyway just thought i would pop in and let you all no how i am getting on if you are intrested! lol
much love to you all


  • Hi love, nice to see you back, sounds like you have had a rough time of it lately, think you would be very wise and take the doctors advice not to ttc for now. Sending you lots of love xxx
  • Hi Sally I think I wrote to your before but have just been through exactly the same thing. They do the bloods at 1-4 days for mc as they want to get baseline when the hormones aren't up due to the diff phases of your cycle, as we don't have problem getting pg they don't need to do day 21 bloods which checks hormone levels at that stage which may impede you oving or implanting.

    They will be taking your oh's blood, I am guessing, to check for chromosome abnormalities, they asked my dh to do the same but as they think they have found out my issue he has not done it yet. So whether they will want to continue to test my dh or not I don't know as I live in the states and it is quite costly for us to do that (we have to pay for it ourselves). I have to see a genetic obstetrician this coming Wednesday so they can put together a plan for my next pg so that hopefully I don't mc next time - I do know I will have to have lovenox injections each day though (ouch).

    I too had to not ttc while they were testing and have only just got back to it this month - it was torture not to especially after ttc for so long - it's hard to get your head around it. The thought process that my doctor told me was that they wanted to do all the testing, which included a sono-hystogram - where they inject dye into your uterus and look at it on the U/S to make sure all is OK and they have to make sure you are not pg for that.

    Good luck with all your tests and I hope it all comes up normal for you and that your mc's where just back luck and next time all will go well. Let us know how you get on. :\)
  • hiya, hope the next few weeks go super quick for u, so u get ur results, so at least ur not in limbo, i no not ttc this month will be hard, but in the long run, for u, hubs, and ur bfp it will be best image i set myself a target date too, i should be pg by...., same as u did, now im wishing i didnt coz now i cant stop thinking about it. i dont really know whatelse to say, i just really hope u find a solution and get ur well deserved bfp soon, love and hugs xxxx
  • Hi hun!

    Good te hear from you! I think you're right to listen to your head this time, then when your results come back you can ttc and hopefully have a full term pregnancy!!

    Look forward to seen you back here soon and seeing your BFP announcement image

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