Had a letter off Police been done for Speeding!

Hi all,

Just found my post from last week hubby had shoved somewhere and there is a letter in from the Police I have been done for speeding. Fair enough because I was doing 49 in a 40 zone taking my boss to a meeting and I did see the speed camera van ahead but I also slowed down aswell.

I did say at the time I would be done and my boss said no you wont its not like you were doing 60 in a 40 zone.

It really peeves me off I know the law is the law and I broke it but it also happened around the time I got my AF after I had a faint BFP on a SD test so I know my head was all over the place. Also same morning before I went to the meeting I was in tears because I had accidently torn up our marriage certificate as I forgot had put it in with my passport application, I realised I had wrote it out in blue pen and not black so filled out another one and then tore up the old one FORGETTING that I had put my orginal marriage certificate inside so i was sat in tears and my bi**tch of a boss still made me drive her to the meeting.

I am just her taxi cos she doesnt drive I dont necessarily get involved in these meetings when I go as I hate having to go to them but I am her deputy.

Nevertheless I was in such a state and wasnt concentrating I knew I would get fine and points and now because I tore my marriage certificate I have to get a copy and I was in the process of changing my driving licence and passport.

Now I think I am going to get into trouble for not changing my name on my driving licence cos they want me to go on this speed awareness course to avoid the 3 points but they want a copy of my licence and it hasnt been updated. I forgot to send it away when we got married basically I think I could be in big trouble and they wont accept my reasons and I dont even know sometimes why I cant remember to do things. My life is just one big mess at the moment and I just feel like I wanna cry all the time, am busy at home, house is a tip cant get motivated, am sleeping all the time, doctors wont do anything about my cycles and have had 2 BFN's through docs but they wont do anything else am stuck in limbo all this time and well I think I am about to crack under all the pressure.

Sorry for this post probably just a pointless rant I know I broke the law and will have to face the consequences either way.

Thanks x


  • Hey hunni, try not to worry about the name thing, i haven't changed mine, all i'd say is that you weren't going to change your name and have only recently decided to do it, or fill in the name change form and date it ages ago image
    Have you tried seeing a different dr about your cycles? i asked to see a different dr when i was having issues with mine. Best thing i did, can't hurt to get a second opinion.
  • Thanks hun, never thought of that having such a crap time at the moment.

    Trying to get an appt with a doc is like having tea with the queen! I ring and theres no appointments then get told to ring back at 8am next day theres never any appointments!

  • Mine used to be like that so i demanded to speak to the practise manager, told her if i had anything serious i'd be dead by the time i got an appointment. Shockingly she found one for a few days times. image
    You can always email me if you want a chat or rant!
  • Either that or tell them you're in agony and desparately need to see somebody - they'll give you an emergency one or manage to queeze you in somewhere - its amazing how many appointments they keep on hold!!

    Sucks about the speeding fine hon, but don't worry about the name change; some women never change their names at all so the fact you haven't done it doesn't matter. I'm pee'd off whenever I get a parking fine even though I know I'm in the wrong! image
  • Hate to be the voice of doom but I'm not sure if you'll get away with not having changed your name on your drivers licence if it's been over 6 months pet, someone I used to work with was fined ??1000 for not changing her name on hers 'in a timely fashion', as well as getting a speeding fine.
    You'll need to send an official copy of your marriage certificate to get it amended. I hope they go easier on you than they did on my friend! xx
  • Just a quick reply. Sorry for the day you had.

    Do you ahve a dvla centre near you? If you print off the forms and take your ID with you, they can take your payment and send it off there and then. It doesnt take too long for you to get it back. I did mine 2 yrs after getting married!
  • Aww ss to hear your having a crappy time, Dont let it get to you, things happen for a reason, its there to make you stronger, I realised this when my grandma passed away the day before my wedding.

    I suppose its just abit of bad luck about the speeding fine, Knowing the police, they will pick at anything, they get kicks out of doing it, they will probably pick on the name changing thing, but they shouldnt do really, I know people who have been married years and still havent changed it, I still havent changed mine yet, due to the fact i really dont want to pay ??77 to do so, lol
    As your hormones are in limbo, its probably why your feeling so low aswell at the mo, As for the drs lol, keep changing em till you get your answer lol. I havent seen my actual dr for about 2 years, Ive gone to see a different bloke (the one who thought i was wishful thinking about being pregnant) and im so glad i changed to see this female dr, otherwise i would never be going to have this scan, not forgetting the blood test, i would never have had that done either.

  • OMG ??1000 fine really thats a bit harsh!!

    Am majorly stressing over that now then as we just dont have that type of money.

    When I paid for my tax renewal twice in sept they wouldnt refund me because my V5 was registered in maiden name and my application for refund was in married name.

    So they said if I wrote my married name on V5 they would change that when they send me my refund so basically thats why the letter was addressed to Mrs Brown I dont think I can explain not applying for my driving licence but I did only change my V5 in sept.

    I have accidently torn up my marriage certificate as explained above and was in the process of applying for driving licence and passport for my hol end of May.

    I still have 2 weeks to send the form off so am going to try and get a copy of marriage certificate and then get my new licence thru in time to send a copy off with this form other than that I can take the 60 fine and 3 points and not send a copy of my licence but think I would rather do the course and not get the points.

  • i dont know if scotland is different but you dont have to change your name once your married. you can if you choose to but its not legally binding. everything i have at the minute is still in my own name and when it needs updated i will then change my name. ie, drivers licence, passport, bank account etc.
  • You sound just like me sparkling diamond. I got married last May too and Ive changed my bank account but not my passport or driving licence yet. Will probably just pop into my local DVLA and get it done, although thats easier said than done as they are only open Mon-Fri and of course i work ! The passport doesnt matter, as long as your tickets match the name in your passport you can go (i used to work at Gatwick Airport). If they dont match then just make sure you take a oopy of your marriage certificate.
    With the driving licence i would just agree with Nilo and say that you were going to keep your maiden name and youve only recently decided to change it xx Hope you feel better soon hun xx Just remember we are all here for you xxxx
  • oh SD you are really having a time of it!!
    I too haven't changed my name on my licence!! We are moving in March so will do it then!! My pic expires soon aswell!!

    I hope you get it all sorted, really feel for you at the mo!!!

  • don't really have any useful advice to offer but just wanted to say sorry you're having a tricky time of it just now. Chin up and feel free to rant if it helps! x
  • Aww sweetie, no advice for you just lots of ((((((hugs)))))) that your okay! xxx
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