GOT THE JOB! :D Which means............

Me and hubby will have to put TTC on hold for at least 3 months. I dont qualify for SMP till ive been with them for 12 months.
If i got pg after 3 months , then after the 9 months of the pregnancy i would of been with them for 12 months so i will get full pay.
I'd rather have a baby now but financially im better to wait.

So im sorta happy but sorta sad at the same time as hubby is worried his work is gonna go bust, 3 businesses in the same trade as his has just gone bust, so could be on the verge of losing the house!
And theres all the cosy people in their houses on benefits with not a stress in site. Simply not fair! :evil:

MPP (still gonna linger around on this site like a bad smell hehe :lol: )



  • Congrats on getting a new job!!!!!!!
    I hope you are celebrating image

    As for the mat pay i thought you had to be there for 6 months before the qualifying week? Or is it the company mat pay you mean you have to wait longer for?

    I was having a similar dilemma re jobs. I am on a 12 month contract and commuting an hour and 40 mins into London each way, after having left a similar role in a company near to home - 20 mins away. I left there as they were shitty about my long-term illness due to endometriosis but it is under control now.

    Have been wondering whether I should try to get a job back there in another team to get an easier time whilst pg and also better mat package. Would mean delaying ttc but might be worth it.

    I have a loose plan that we ttc and I keep looking for jobs there and if I fall whilst in this job thats fine and if another job comes up at the other place then I'll go for it.

    Tricky tricky! x
  • Hey hun, congratulations, shame you have to put ttc on hold but it will all be worth it in the end! Also are you def entitled in three months? my employer states you have to be with them x amount of months at the time of getting pregnant. Sorry if i am putting a downer on your exciting news, just wanted to check image whats the job anyways xxxx
  • Sorry if I confused get stat maternity pay you have to have been working for the same employer for 6 continuous months (26 weeks) befote the qualifying week. The qualifying week is 15 weeks before your due date.

    Take a look at this:
    Any other maternity pay might be that you need 12 months continuous service but this would be for the company maternity pay part if you are lucky enough to have an emplyer that do a little more. image
  • congratz on the job! shame about ttc tho, but u can qualify for sma (maternity allownce) no matter hwo or how long u've worked there as long as u've been in employment (not coninuos) totally 26 out of the 66 weeks leading up to ur period of confinement (15weeks before edd), so if u did fall pregnant before u would qualify for ur works maternity package u would still get the sma of ??125 per week, which is the same amount as smp, its for thos ethat have been made redundant in pregnancy or like urslef have changed employers during pregnancy or just before etc.

    hth xx

  • Thank you image

    Thanks for the replies too, its ever so confusing, Its with the NHS and i know i should of found out myself rather than asking a friend. It was a friend of mine that i asked about maternity leave as i was thinking about TTC and she said you had to work for them for 12 months before getting the SMP.

    I found this on the NHS website.

    'You may be entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from your employer. This is a weekly payment, to help make it easier for you to take time off both before and after the birth of your baby. SMP can be paid for up to 39 weeks.

    You are entitled to SMP if you have worked for the same employer for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before your baby is due. You must also be earning an average of at least ??87 per week (before tax). The amount you get depends on how much you earn. For the first six weeks, you will receive 90% of your average weekly earnings. For the remaining 33 weeks you will receive ??112.75 per week. '


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  • Its quite frustrating as ive worked at my current place for almost 2 years. if i was pregnant right now, I could just put up with working there to the point of giving birth and just not go back at the end of the mat leave. But its just not happening at the minute and i just cant stand the place! :lol:

    Ive not said a single word to anyone at work, me and hubby were talking about how im going to approach the manager, i am actually pooing myself thinking about it, shes gonna turn evil on me!


  • Good luck when you tell them. I'm sure you'll feel relieved once you do.

  • maternity allowance is different to smp, its a flat rate and for those who have worked but for one reason or another odn't qualify for smp (ie not worked for that company long enough, become redundant or unemployed whilst pregnant etc) and its paid directly by the government so it has no bearings on what ur employers payment package is, if u don't qualify for smp but have worked for at least 26 weeks (doesn't have to be consecutive, and doesn't ahve to be with ur current employer) by the time u reach ur 15th week ebfore due date then u will qualify for maternity allowance. MA is ??124.88 and is paid for 39weeks (9 months) xx
  • congrats! hopefully 'not trying' will bring u some luck xxxxxxxxxx
  • Congrats on the job Hun but boooooooo for having to put ttc on hold!! That sucks big ass!!!

    Hope the time flies by and youll be back ttcing in no time!!

    Make sure you do stop by and keep us updated on how it's going!! Even though I am gatecrashing!!! Lol

  • Thanks :\)

    :lol: your not gatecrashing JC.
    Ive actually sat down and worked it all out. Once i get my start date and i have started we can start TTC again, so dont have to wait long. 26 weeks seemed a long time to me until i worked it out to be 6 and half months which isnt long. The 15th week thing, if i added that to the 26 weeks thats 41 weeks which is the full 9 months of pregnancy, so techinically if i was to fall pregnant once i started i would still qualify for SMP. I was abit of a ditzy blonde, but i got there in the end, Thanks for the help though girlies. image.

    So it looks like i will be hanging around alot, dont worry. hehe. If anyone is having a browse on ebay, let me know if you spot any CBFM's going cheap, i got a couple on watch. I'd rather have 1 with test sticks if any. :\)


  • YAY on the job front MPP, im really pleased for you xx Just make sure you do come one here even if it is just for quick chats every now and then. And you never know what might happen if youre not trying! he he xx
  • Congrats hon, really pleased for you!! image
    And the 3 months of waiting to TTC again will pass really quickly, especially with having a new job to think about!!

    At least you can go out to celebrate! :lol:
  • Yey so pleased for you hun that you got the job, but totally sucks about TTC but am glad your going to stay on here and keep me company!!

    Sorry to hear about your hubbys company, hopefully things will be ok, if theres one thing I have tried to learn is that there is no point in worrying about things until they happen. So please do not stress out about your hubbys job and hopefully all will come good in the end.

    You will be preggers before you know it especially now your not going to be trying that will be when you fall...............maybe I should get a new job lol!!! take my mind off TTC.

    Good luck in your new job and speak soon on here or on FB

  • Wondered where you have been garfield, hows the button? :\)

    I'll let you know if the new job works SD, then you better get job hunting, hehe.

    Am bit annoyed, i was tracking a CBFM on ebay and i always bid in the last 10 seconds, I would of bloody won it, ebay wanted me to sign in again! so i lost it by the time i got back to it! image It went for ??57 with 30 test sticks, bargain!


  • Just wanted to let you know on the situation on the new job, Its still going through at the minute.
    Had a phone call about my 2 references they havent even bothered to reply, apparently my current manager is always in a meeting, sounds about right, excuses excuses. Grrr So i now have to chase them both up. Which is going to create more awkwardness between us all. Great!
    They always seem to think they can keep you there longer when they dont reply, but i will beat them!!!! I MUST!!!!!!!!!! hehe

  • hi g/c from baby!
    congratulations on the new job. i work for the nhs and i got there full maternity package which you can take if you have completed a year wporking for them by the time you are 29 weeks pregnant (i think it is) anyway this package works out at about full pay for the first 6 months and then stat mat pay for the following 3 months BUT you have to go back to work for them for 3 months after finishing your maternity leave or you have to pay money back to them (i might not be going back and today recieved a letter stating i will owe them over ??2k!) just thought i would warn you of it.
    anyway if you decide you want to start ttc before you would be entitlted to this enhanced maternity pay you will as others have said be entilted to stat maternity pay and you will not HAVE to go back to work for them after your maternity leave finishes but ofcourse your job will still be there if you do chose to.
    hope this has made some sense x
  • Hi MPP

    Sucks that your employers are delaying your new job. Get them told he he!!!

    I hope everything goes well for you and hopefully you will be joining me in pregnancy at some point over the next few months.

    SD & Lil Button
    5 + 6
  • hi
    congrats on the job, just a quick thought on something,cause it caught me out. Don't forget the doc will add 2 weeks extra on from the date you conceive so you don't want to conceive until you've been in the job at least 2 weeks.
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