Medication on 2WW????

Just wondering if you would take medication whilst on your 2ww? I suffer from super bad hayfever whereby over the counter medication isn't strong enough so I take a steroid mix prescribed. I'm at the end of week 1 of the 2ww and suffering big time but I don't know whether to take my tablets after all there is the chance I'm not pg and I'm so uncomfortable!!

When I found out I was pg with dd1 I was on this medicine and GP said there are no recorded side effects in pg women on it but I should stop taking it.

What do you reckon? Take it and at least get 1 week of relief (unless not pg of course) or not risk it?

What would you do? :\?


  • Give the NHS line a call hun and see what they say or ring your doc and ask. You would be surprised what you are allowed to take.
    I have been taking meds on a daily basis for the last nine years including prescription painkillers and my consultant reassured me that they were fine. I always thought that I would have to stop if I wanted to get pregnant.
    I may be wrong but I was sure that not much will be passed on to the baby in the first week or two after conception until the it is properly implanted.
  • Oh no im really not sure! I have just been given a priscription to take over the next week and i really didnt think is it okay to i have gone for the relaxed approach this month a little to relaxed me thinks!

    Off to check what it says on the leaflet now
  • Hiya I suffer from bad migraines and asked the doctor about medication in the 2WW and she said that if my suffering made life unbearable then I should take the medication. You can't life your life by what ifs and be miserable hun. Some medication hasn't been proven to be harmful and if you were pregnant the baby wouldn't be getting it's nutrients from you for a few more weeks yet. Good luck!
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