I have decided to take a little

break from the forum as last month things got very stressful and so upsetting. So this month i am going to chill out a little bit and go back to basics lol and have some funny with it all.

Last month was upsetting as was the month before. And though this forum and all you ladie are amazing i think i need to stop thinking about trying all the time..... So i will be checking in but not posting quite as much...!

Hopefully when i am back on here next month i might ahve some good news and cant wait to hear all your good news.

So all APRIL BFPs- can one of you take over the list please???? It would be much appreciated- let me know.....

So goodbye for now- see you next month ladies!!!


  • I wish you best of luck and hope u come back with BFP news image
  • best of luck huni x
  • Aww, I know eactly what you mean. You take all our love, hugs and wishes of good luck with you. Hope to see you soon with your peace of mind regained & good news xxx
  • awww well have a good month hun, try and chill out a bit image i can take over april BFPs if u like? will copy and paste into a new post so i can edit it? xxxx good luck hun xx
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