Had some fab news

Hay all,

well i went to the hosptial to find out why i am having headaches every dam day and...... i am going to keep getting them :lol:
i have chronic daily headache syndrome........
He is going to do another MRI scan and a lumber puncture just to make sure theres DEFO nothing there but after he has proved that theres nothing there he can put me on med's to help it image image

Just really happy its not a tumor or blood clot image image)

I am cd (just counting) cd10 image and i have opk's...... Doing SMEP this month and i am feeling good.... I done my first opk today and the line looks good not a pos but a good looking line wasnt going to start testing yet but i have OV pains i am really hoping that i ov early and get a bfp this month............

Hope all r well image image


  • Grrr, ate my reply again!!
    That's great news that it isn't something more sinister, shame they will have to continue - I have headaches comstantly every day so I feel for you! :lol:

    Will you be alright to have the lumbr puncture if you get a BFP this month? Hope so, and hope you get your BFP as well!
    Have fun...
  • eeeeerrrrrmmmm...... very good question garfield
    going to have to ask about that one......


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  • aww hun im glad you got to the bottom of it.

    keeping everything crossed for your bfp this month.xxxxxxxxxx
  • ok i googled it aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh cra* cra* cra* :lol: it can be done when pregs at its got nothing to do with being preggers but eerrmmm...... it dont look like fun lol image
  • Do you drink a lot of caffine at all? I've suffered headaches and migraines and caffine is a nightmare for them or not drinking it when you're used to it. I used 4head and it helps a bit as well as migraine tabs from superdrug are the best i've found for headaches as well as start of migraine x x
  • fab news and fab pma hun- good luck xxx
  • Hi Hun,

    Glad to hear it's nothing sinister. I suffered with 'ice pick headaches' before which were literally as they sound, short very sharp stabbing pains as if someone has taken an ice pick to your head, but over in seconds so no use taking any meds. I was put on amytriptiline (sp?) which is an anti-depressant, at a very low dose to 'rewire' the pain receptors in my brain, apparantly.... but it worked!! Fingers crossed you get rid of them too xxx
  • Fragy thats what i have been offered if all goes well with the tests..... an anti-dep drug at 10milgrams to rewire and help reset lol image image image

  • Oooh its such good news that its nothing bad Gembags!!!! Puts your mind at rest at least!!! & you can get on with getting put right! image

    x x x
  • Thank you all for your kind works image

    BFP for us ALL next lol image image


  • aw i really feel for you hun, i get cluster headaches (or suicide headaches as some people call them lol) they are awful. Hope the hospital can put you on some good meds that will sort you out x
  • Ooh doesn't sound fun, glad it's all okay though, good luck with the puncture thing image x
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