Bit of a crap day :evil:

So I posted the other day about getting another car a family car image and everything went through, no problems getting finance or anything and we were supposed to pick the car up tonight.

Anyway firstly I thought my MOT wasnt due on my existing car until Jul as had july in my head for some reason and then when I got all the documents ready this morning to part ex the car the MOT had expired end of Apr 2010 image I was so upset started crying, had to ring work to tell them I needed to sort this mess out, I had to find a garage that would do a fast MOT luckily the car passed and it cost ??100 inc certificate so that was hurdle no 1 out of the way...............

Then I rang the garage to tell them what had happened only to be told the car was sold 2 weeks ago to another couple on finance at the time the finance went through it had their name wrong so they got accepted. I was then told the V5 was sent out to that couple but when they went to collect the car and realised the name was wrong and corrected it they were declined so the car was put back on sale!!!

Hence we viewed it and bought it at the weekend so I cant understand what went wrong, why the other couple were sent the v5 in the post and why did a finance prop go through with their surname only and no address to back it up.

Anyway to cut a long story short they said they couldnt tax the car, therefore we couldnt drive it or buy it until they got the registration document back off this other couple. I was so mad he knew we wanted the car cos we are going on holiday on wed and has just strung us along for the last few days.

So to sum it up ARNOLD CLARK are absolutely useless and I wouldnt buy a car off them if they were the last car garage on earth!!!! :roll:

On a more positive note am approaching CD21 which was my ov day for last month so am thinking maybe same this month, not using OPK's but I will be on 2ww on holiday yippeeeeeeeeee so not long to wait.

Heres hoping for an anniversary conception and a lovely valentines baby image



  • we had a nigthmare with them too so i would steer clear too!! Im with you on the valentines baby too!!! Month 7ttc for us, lets hope we both get a bfp this time xxxxx
  • God that is terrible! How unprofessional is that. So how long do you have to wait now? I take it you cant have it till after your hol?

  • Thats awful. Are you still going to take the car? What sort of company could process finance without a full history, it does sound dodgy!
    Finger crossed for an anniversary baby image x
  • Hiya SD
    Oh I hate days like that where you seem to be jumping over hurdle after hurdle! Nightmare.
    I would definately be demanding some freebies from the company (if u are still having the car). And like goonie says how could they sell a car with limited info on the other couple??? Surely in these times they are super careful???

    Hope you have a better day today, my love.
    Not long til holidays! H x
  • Hiya all

    No hubby wont have the car now reckons its fate!! so I rang and said we didnt want it they said they couldnt tax the car without the registration document and that had gone to the other couple so could have been waiting weeks.

    We have decided to put car on hold as mine passed MOT for another year and we want to pay our Virgin credit card off.

    They are being funny with us i set a payment up through halifax last month but the cashier put a / in the card number so virgin never received the payment anyhow to cut a long story short the bank were at fault for not putting it right virgin declined the payment and they took our 0% interest offer for 12 months off us and charged us 75 quid interest and a late payment fee, anyway after an hour on the phone i finally got to speak to someone and explained it wasnt our fault and that as far as I was aware we sent the payment so virgin gave us the 0% back but wouldnt refund the interest and neither would halifax bank so last month we were 75 quid out of pocket.

    Anyway I get home tonight to open this months statement to find virgin havent re-instated 0% and charged us 65 interest and wanted a min payment of 61 therefore only reducing the balance by ??5!!!

    I rang them again and they have re-instated the 0% but am just at my wits end with the card we owe 3k so going to get our heads down and get it paid off before getting a new car.

    Sorry for the o/t just pissed off with people taking the mick especially credit card companies when I always pay on time, never miss a payment but we wanted the interest free to be able to get alot more paid off without incurring interest.

    Hol on wednesday cant wait to sit and chill with my favourite cocktail!!

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