So i went to the drs and....

he wants to elimanate pg as he thinks thats proberly the main cause! He didnt even talk about stomach ulcers or anything else just talked about being pg! I had to do another wee test which i gave to him hes gonna ring with the results and then do some blood and then if thats all neg then he will investigate! Its given me some pma but i still dont wanna get my hopes up! xxxx


  • Ah clarkie - my heart leapt into my mouth when I saw your post there - got absolutely everything crossed for you. I have good vibes about this one.

  • well he rang and said the test was negative, he said let nature take its course and see what happens if i miss another period then they will scan me and take blood. back to square one now! x
  • Oh no Sorry to here the test was negative, Thinking of you i am sending you a (((((((((big hug))))))))))) x
  • ohhh, i really thought it was going to be a bfp. sending all of my pma your way..
  • Ah - so sorry. Hopefully things'll get back to normal this month and you'll get your BFP asap!
  • Im feeling quite rubbish, just want to be normal. I was so pleased when my periods came back after stopping the pill now they seemed to hvae gone awol and im feeling useless. My Oh doesnt really understand he thinks it will happen but with no periods it wont! ive known people to fall pg on the pill so whys it so hard to concieve when ur not taking it anymore? I just dont get it! Im frustrated and fed up and this is only month 2. I just want my body work. I want people to stop saying relax it will happen, let nauture take its course, give it time and it will be ok. Im not feeling ok im feeling rubbish. I know u girls understand which is why i can write this here and not feel crazy. Having a big cry now,
    Thank you all for ur kind words. :cry:
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