how is everyone today?

Good morning all, image

How are we today?
I think AF has finally arrived, had some light bleeding this week but nothing to overlly shout about! On the plus side I'm pleased my system seems to be getting back to normal. Extra bd for me next week, hope my oh is ready! ;\) Still going to see doc today to get the ball rolling that end.


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    Welcome to BE and TTC image
    I am doing fine ... and urself?

    How long hv u been trying?
  • Thank you hun. I'm fine thank you. Only been trying for a few weeks, came off the pill end of feb. How long have you been trying? xx
  • I was on the pill for only 3 months so idont think it had time to mess up my system (hopefully). I stopped 6 months ago and was trying but not fullly dedicated.

    But now i feel bad and keep wondering if something is wrong as I didnt get pregnant. :S

    I will work harder this month and hope to see a BFP.
    Gooood Luck image image
  • Hey wildthingv8,

    This was my first month trying and feels like AF is on her way. Came off pill at the end of December.

    Fingers crossed for this month!
  • Have you been getting regular af's? If so, its def a good sign - you're ovulating.
    You might have been missing the 'crucial' times of the month to fall pregnant.
    Good luck to you too! image
  • Hello Mrs D! Sorry that last post was for Riham.
    What pill were you on? I was on Yasmin. Keep me posted and fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • I was on Microgynon 30 and my cycles seem to be getting longer. First it was 30 days, then 34 and I'm on cd34 now so just waiting to see when this one turns up. It just makes trying to predict ov that much more difficult, although I've ordered a BBT and temperature diary off Boots so we'll see if that works.

    Baby dust to you both x
  • Have you got an iphone? If so there is a 'period tracker' application for it which is a great little tool.
    It took me approx 5 months to fall pregnant with my daughter when I came off Microgynon.
    Baby dust to you too xx
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