Back from holiday and onto month 14!

Hello ladies

How are you all? I've missed you all. Got back from my holiday yesterday it was fabulous and i feel great but unfortunatly the witch showed her face on day 1 of my holiday what a spoil sport she is, so its onto month 14 (oh god if i say it fast it doesnt sound as bad).

So i am now on day 8 (my cycles seem to have gone down to a 24 day cycle extremly weird!

So tell me all the goss (St Bertie CONGRATULATIONS that is fab news im soooooooo happy for you and Mr Takers and Takers junior sending you loads of sticky baby dust).

Its 5 weeks till my hospital appointment im really nervous but the weeks seem to be flying by.

So i want to hear everyone news as ive lost track of eveyone.

Sending everyone some of my PMA and Baby dust.

love jen xx


  • Hi Jen,
    Sorry to hear af found you. I'm 3 days late but no af or BFP so don't know whats going on. Not long til your appointment now so good luck with that. Hope you had a fab hol and welcome back.
  • Hey jen!!! We came bk the same day, weird!!! Hope ur ok hun, hope u had a lovely holiday, goodluck this month hopefully nx month il be joining u, we deserve to graduate together!!! xxxxxx
  • Hi Kim

    Yes i defo think enough is enough we need our BFP. Hows you and the family, you enjoying having your hubby back?

    SB - Missed you too im sooooooo happy for you.

    jen xx
  • Welcome back, hope the hol was relaxing? Shame about af rearing her head! But i agree 5wk will pass quick. x
  • hiya 5 weeks how exciting good luck with that, glad you had a good relaxing holiday xxx
  • HI Jen- I'm glad you have an appt as we really need to get you over to the preg board.
    I have a scan Thurs as should be 12 weeks but not hopeful as have been losing a bit and MW can't find a heartbeat with the doppler so preparing myself for the worst.
    Take care xxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh camlo

    Oh honey ive got everything crossed for you if anyone deserves this its you. I'll be thinking of you, let me know how you get on.

    take care of yourself jen xxx
  • Oh camlo try to stay positive hun, im sure its nothing to worry about, i know its easy for me to say, but try hun, il be thinking of u xxxxx

    Hey jen were all gd just all sick at the mo which isnt nice!!!! Apart from that everythings good!!! Mission joint bfp here we come!!! xxxxxx
  • It sure is Kim i wanna go to the hospital with my bfp or better still not have to go, i am really nervous about it.

    Hope you all feel better soon. jen xx
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