For those new to TTC - are you terrified t will never happen

This is totally irrational, and I probably need a good slap but after just 5 weeks of TTC I am terrified I will never get pregnant. Please tell me this is normal? I pretty much think of nothing else but ttc and am sooo scared there might be something wrong with me and I wont get to have a baby. I am not yet using ov sticks etc, gonna wait 3 months before doing that but I cant help thinking that as I'm not a naturally lucky person, and I wont be lucky enough to fall pg. Sorry for the rant girls, but I actually feel a bit better having written my thoughts down (however nutty they are!)


  • Im in the nutty club in that case. Totally terrified that im just going to be infertile, and then crying about it. I havent even visited the Drs or anything....just irrational and moody!!

    Im glad seeing it written down has helped you, i spoke with DH and he sort of made me laugh at myself over some of it!
  • Hi - you are not alone hun, many of us feel the same way. I have good and bad days I so want to be a mother it hurts but I also dont want to not live our lives to the full so we are going with the flow (as hard as it is) and if no success after a year which will be NOV then off to the docs I go.

  • you are definitely not alone with that thought,
    Each time AF comes I convince myself that I am infertile but I try to stop myself from thinking about that possibility
  • feel exactly the same. have good days and bad days as well. on the bad days i just think of people that have had a really rough time with ttc and their fertility (various friends of mine) and the fact that they all got there in the end and have families. Thats prob not a hugely helpful way to put it but it just gives me a little hope on the rough days.
    babydust to all x
  • I'm another one! I only came off my pill at the beginning of October and I have convinced myself I will have problems. If I knew it would take 6 months or a year I would be fine, but I am terrified it will never happen. I think when its something so important those kind of fears are natural, and it definitely helps me to know I am not the only one thinking this way!
  • yesssss me! i keep getting myself in a tizz! am convinced i'm not ovulating and am having anvoluntary cycles. not been helped as 1st month using cbfm and no peak (which i know is very normal lol) but has added to my fretting!

    Also had a dodgy kidney a couple of years ago which i've read can cause probs.

    I think most people go through this crazy worrying! and the worst thing we can do is look on the internet and have a google and convince ourselves we have all these random problems.

    Also i think it's pants we can't get checked at dr's for a year, lol however imagine how many of us nuts they'd have turning up!

    i think we all need to give ourselves a talking to, laugh at ourselves and focus on our pma!!

    babydust xxx
  • This is TOTALLY me! Only been trying a week and I was having these thoughts way before we'd even started! I don't like disappointment (and who does?) but I know I'll be really annoyed if it doesn't take this month. Got another two weeks before the AF due date to see what happens and it's killing me!

    I always think it's not a God given right to have children but you're lucky when you do, so I've never assumed I'll just be able to conceive. I think I'm more worried about hubby than me as he's been on anti-depressants for over 10 years (trying to come off them slowly now) and I'm so scared it may have affected his fertility.

    I don't know, I just try to remember that women get pregnant all the time with no problems....and that can be me too image
  • Me too!!!!
    We have only just started (in my first 2ww as we speak) and I am already convinced we will have problems! I have no reason to think we will have problems but my brain keeps going over and over it.
    I feel like a bit of a nutter as I should at least give it a couple of months before I worry!!

    at least we are not alone in out nutty thoughts image x
  • Hi chick

    I have one dd already, but she was an accident (a wanted one but still) So i am TERRIFIED about this ttc lark when we start in 6 months :S Im scared i wont get pregnant again and im scared that there will be something wrong with the baby because we are doing it the right way this time :S Your not alone!
  • I'm 381/2 and my hubby is almost 40. We have reason to be image. But as has been pointed out to me, we will never do it unless we try.

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  • I'm 381/2 and my hubby is almost 40. We have reason to be image. But as has been pointed out to me, we will never do it unless we try.

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    Are you on the you and your wedding forum as well? Just thought i recognised the name image
  • ah yes image just married
  • hi... I seem to spend my life worrying! It has been two years trying (first year guess work) then all the machines and sticks!
    Still nothing , then if I do get PG I will worry about MC as I had one just after I got married when i fell straight away (god knows how).
    Then whne they do come its a whole life time of worrying.
    Everyting is going in to it this year no holidays and all our money is being put towards having a baby. This has to be the year as I am 35 and hubby is 41.
    C - congratulations on your wedding x
  • I have exactly the same thoughts and feelings. Really worried it will take forever to happen or maybe never.
    Magpie: I stopped my pill at the same time you did. How long was it before your cycle came back !
  • I had all those feelings when we started - like you, I don't consider myself to be a lucky person, and it turns out my instinct has been right so far..... I'm now on cycle 11 of trying and not have even a sniff of a BFP.

    But, having said that, we are slightly older than your average ttc couple, so I put it down to that!
  • Hi ladies

    GC from due in Aug but I saw this on my home page and wanted to add something, hope you dont mind

    Me and OH had been tryin for 12 months and I was so upset - thought we were going to have to go through all sorts of treatment. So I'd booked a doctors appt before xmas to discuss fertility tests and then realised I was 2 days late - turned out to be my confirmation appt and then getting referred to MW

    Fingers crossed for you all in 2010 - I'm sure it will definately happen soon

  • Oh thank God I'm not the only one! I am totally freaked out by it. Thank you for posting this thread cos now I don't feel so alone!

  • Ladies, you are all fab!! I cant tell you how relieved I am to find out I'm not the only one who feels like this. It's soooo reassuring to learn that my nuttiness is not unique and we can all feel a bit crazy at times lol. Bucket loads of babydust to everyone
  • There is definitely comfort in being nutters together!!

    MrsMel, it took 8 weeks for me to get my first AF, and I am now on CD39 I think with no sign of AF (and not preg!). I am hoping it will settle down soon! Are you still a bit irregular then? xx
  • omg i love this post! so glad to see i'm not alone! i've felt like this isnce before we even started trying. i'm sure i'll be the one whos unlucky and its completely irrational! i just don't feel like it could possibly be easy for us! whenever i see that someones got a bfp on here i try to tell myself "it happened for them, there is no reason that won't be me" but it s hard to believe sometimes!
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