A few questions about ovulation

Yesterday I had my first ever positive ovulation test (which was very exciting as I've been having a nightmare with my cycle and haven't had AF for 90 days!). I just have a few questions for any pros on ovulation as I'm new to this...

I've just tested again tonight and the line is pretty much as strong as yesterday...is this right?? Should you get two positives in a row? I tested again out of curiosity really.

If I did ovulate yesterday (when we bd of course!) are we still in with a chance if we bd tonight too, or is it not possible to conceive once you've actually ovulated? We did bd on sunday which is good, but didn't on monday, tues or wednesay.

Can ovualtion make your nipples sore?! Today and yesterday I've had really sore, itchy nipples!!! I'm not blessed in the (.)(.) department so can't imagine feeling much soreness there but am definitely noticing the nipple thing!

I think that's all my questions...no doubt I'll come back with some more soon!!! I'm really really hoping that I did ovulate and that my body is getting back to normal at last as I've only had one AF since coming off the pill in September and even if we didn't get our bfp this month (I'm really not expecting to) I would be so pleased to see AF and know that we can properly start ttc hopefully.

Phew, ramble over - any help would be great!! xxx :\?


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