So p***** off

I am so sorry to moan but I have just started spotting...... great. My LP's have not been 10 days and so this month I have been toaking B6 to get them longer but I am only 7dpo.. so not only am I not pg but my B6 has not worked.
I want to cry and scream at them same time!!
Sorry for the moan.. but ttc is all I can think about. It is consuming me..


  • I spotted around then with both my pregnancies, are you sures it's not implantation? With my daughter I could have sworn my af was coming due to the spotting and again this time round I spotted around 6dpo to 10dpo and got my bfp on Thursday at 12dpo.

    I'm not saying that's what it is but you never know??

  • hope this questions is not tmi but what colour was your implantation? how much do you think of as spotting .... thanks for the hope but I am still thinking it's AF....
    Congratulations on your BFP though xx
  • I think it takes a while to get in your system so don't give up yet. Hope it starts to work soon.

  • thanks just want to cry at the moment x
  • MrsMel I usually take progesterone replacement but this month have started on B6 and Agnus Castus. I'm only 2dpo at the moment, but I've done loads of research into short LP's etc. How long is your LP usually? The B6 wouldn't give you a shorter LP than normal so if you're normally 10dpo when you get AF it could possibly be impalntation?

    Wishing you loads of luck hun xx
  • fingers crossed it's implantation x x
  • Hey mrs mel its not over yet hun, Fingers crossed for you .Keep us updated image
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