Tesco Ovulation Kit

Have been trying for a baby #2 since Nov 09. Have used Clearblue ones in 2 months but they only do 7 sticks and cost 20 quid. Kept missing ov. So wonder are Tesco ones as good as CB?

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  • Never used Tesco ones so can't help you but what day do you ovulate? If you find that you have a longer cycle and ovulate later then you don't need to start using tests till later on. There is a guide on the instructions. I test from CD12 and usually ov around CD16-18 of a 28 day cycle.

    Hope that helps H x
  • My cycle vary every month from 33-36 but this month AF arrived early than i expected, 31 cycle. so, its hard for me to know when my nxt ovulate is.
    It will be our 4th time trying. Hope get BFP nxt month! How long have u been trying? Good luck! x

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  • Hiya
    On the ClearBlue it says that for a 33 day cycle the first day of testing ov would be CD16. This is probably why you have ran out of tests before finding it.
    You can find the tests for cheaper through amazon, if that helps!
    Good luck!
  • Am thinking should i get it or cheapie strips from amazon, what if cheapie strips give me false positive, that CB doesnt. O well, i will have a think abt it! Wish CB do refill then they would cost abt 10 quid each time. Anyway thanks for the advice!
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