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AF arrived -sulk!!

Well knew it was too good to be true. I did test positive twice, so may have been a chemical pregnancy but true to form body wants to stuff it up for me. Am now bleeding like a good un. After mc earlier in month feeling v. sorry for myself and very hormonal.. I NEED SOME CHOCOLATE!! And a hot water bottle for my sore tum.:\( Filo x
ps please can i borrow a cup of sugar and some pma, ooh and a dash of babydust(sticky kind preferably),thanks x


  • aww sorry witch showed up i feel gutted for you hun i know what ya going through same happened to me did test was positive but af still showed. we need teach her lesson and ban her from showing up for 9 months. hope we crack case next month x x here lots baby dust and box roses hun. x x x and loads pma. x
  • ohhmmm scoff scoff scoff. Thanks they were yum. Still feeling sh*t though. Filo x
  • heres bigger box with baby dust sprinkld all over lol. x x
  • would liquer choc's help? i also have a hot water bottle in used condition ( alot just recently) but u are welcome to borrow.
  • i have plenty of chocs to send you way, please help urself as I SHOULD NOT EAT CHOCOLATE im bloody alergic to the stuff!!! (all the family know but still insist on giving me it, its a cruel tempation) lots of babydust ur way xxx
  • Thanks. Still feeling grumpy and now have cramps as well. Back to the diet after new year for me, so will stuff silly til then. Why won't my body hold another baby? Still holding onto the fact i may be even with AF, what a joke. Filo x image
  • u will get ur baby 2008 is going to be our year xxx
  • Sorry to hear that Filo, sending late xmas pressie of tons of sticky baby dust, bucketloads of PMA, and a big warm hug x
  • Oh damn and blast, make most of chocs and alcohol over the new year and make resolution with oh to BD daily until you get that baby.
    hmmm may be a little energetic - make that every other day!!
  • Yes have heard that only needs to be every other day to get quality spermies and time to recharge. Do tend to concentrate more around OV though. Don't want to wear him out! Filo x
  • aw filo!!!

    big cuddles and ooooooodles of SUPER sticky babydust!!!

    i have run out of choccies so i will send you some kettle chips...!!!

  • oooh are they salt and vinegar? They are my favourites. Filo(saliva dribbling down chin).x
  • ohhh yes, CIDER vinegar!! the are my absolute faves!! i also have honey bbq or sweet chilli, 3 for 2 at sainsburys don't ya know!!??!!
  • filo wipes saliva from chin and waits at the door in anticipation. LOL
  • hahah, i might actually eat them now. can't stop thinking about em...!!! hahahah
  • FILO- i blame you. i ate a whole bag of bloody kettle chips!!! hahaha. i am such a piglet!!
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