CBFM how long you all been using

How long have you all been using your CBFM any sucess stories out there getting BFP's after using one?


  • Hey,
    I'd like to hear some sucess stories too...this will be my 1st month of using my cbfm after 7 months of BFNimage xxx
  • Hiya, I got my BFP the first month I used the CBFM. It was our 3rd month of TTC (we'd used OPKs the month before but didn't get a positive on OPKs till late in my cycle). CBFM really helped me to pin-point when the best time would be for us to BD as it turned out I was ovulating later than when all the online calculators said I should be.

    I paid ??60 on ebay for my CBFM (included 20 test sticks), and in my opinion it was money well spent as it completely took the worry out of TTC for us. Plus I'll sell it back on ebay when I reach 12 weeks.

    Good luck and lots of babydust to all.

    R 10+4
  • I am onto month 4 of using cbfm! really hope it is me soon
    good luck with yours x
  • month 15 ttc for us but only 2nd with monitor hopefully this will be our lucky month
  • I've just bought one so will start using it on next months cycle!I reeeeeally hope it works for us asap as we're on to month 8 of ttc now! :S Between that, the SMEP and zestica I'm aiming high,lol!! :P xx Baby Dust to all xx
  • hey

    we just got our BFP on our second cycle using the CBFM.

    Although we have much confusion hence my previous post and it looks like we actually fell pregnant in the first cycle of using it. My last AF i don't think was a real one, and my last peak on the monitor which was really early i think was it picking up the HCG.

    I would recommend them to everyone. I think they take all the stress out of trying, and there is no uncertaintity.

    I have 2, one of which is unused so i will be selling that to make up some funds for my little bean should everything work out!

  • I'm on cycle 1 and i didn't get a peak at all but it looks like that's because i've ov'd on cd29 and it only tests upto cd25. If you have a longer cycle then it won't work unless you start using it later in your cycle, which i'm going to do next month should i not get my BFP this month!

    Good luck
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