need advice- BFP's then AF arrives afterall.!?

Last month i had a BFP and then AF arrived. This month same think but the BFPs were getting stronger and then AF arrived. Even had all the stomach twinges etc ... not like AF.

Its making me think about whether i am the problem? Here what i think..... egg is being fertilised but then for some reason not sticking. Is there a medical term for something like this? Am i looking into this too much???

I am going to make a doc app next week, my doc is very understanding and i would like to get checked out.

Not sure if anyone can help but any viewws on this are much appreciated!


  • do you continue to get the BFP after AF or does it go? Just wondering if it is like you suggest or whether you are still getting AF whilst being pregnant? Has it happened before or is just these two consecutive months?

    As i have never experienced this personally difficult for me to say
    Whatever the senario i think your right to go doc and glad they are understanding. I always think people should pop to doc as
    a)its their job and what they are paid for!
    b) worrying never does anyone any good
    c) i am too impatient to sit around and wait for answers!

    hope you find out some positive news lovely xx
  • Are you testing before AF is due?
    it could be whats called a chemical miscarriage, i have had one,
    What is a Chemical Pregnancy?

    A chemical pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterine wall. If a pregnancy test is taken just at the right time it will be positive, however, when a repeat test is taken several days later it will be negative. A chemical pregnancy leaves the couple to cope with the difficult news of thinking they were pregnant when in reality they are miscarrying. However, majority of women who have a chemical pregnancy never know they are pregnant before they miscarry and begin what they think is their normal menstrual cycle.

  • hiya,
    it's called a chemical pregnancy, basically a v early mc (before 6 weeks). Were you testing early? they're v v common but unless you're testing early you'd never know that you had a bfp, just that your af was either on time, bit heavier, slightly late etc. i had one in feb where i tested 4 days early and got bfps then started spotting and had full bleed when af was due.
    Having read quite a bit on them the statistics say that between 50-70% of pg's end this way and it's just that we don't know that's what's happened (obv it's tricky to do a study on it as people don't know it's happened). Anyway basically the egg is fertilised and it tries to implant but for whatever reason it doesn't properly and then you get your af. Loads of info if you google it.
    I'd still go and see your dr, mine was really rude and unhelpful and basically had a go at me for testing early (which fair do's i won't be doing again as it caused too much heartache) but your's sounds lovely!
    Also some people do have af bleeds during their pg.
    Hope this helps in some way, although I know how hard it is xxx
  • Hopefully your doc will give you some answers. I know its hard when its all you can think about, but I really think everyone could save a lot of heartache by waiting until after AF is due to do a test. x
  • HI i am the same at moment i had all the pregnancy sytoms, sickness, tired, pain very low on the left but i had this for 4 days, and i now i was pregnant with the way i felt so i tested 5 days early and got a line, then got a line 2 days ago and very very faint, and now it as gone, i am coming to terms that Af will be coming soon, Me and my husband were over the moon, as my first took me 8 month and this one would have been first month, so i thought to good to be true image i told one of my friends i thought i was pregnant as my husband did not want anyone to know we were trying, be i am happy i have told this one person, as she is giving me support and advice.

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