back in the game!

hello ladies, was AllThatGlitters with my edward n jacob kissing avatar image decided to go back to my original name..

anyway! me and oh decided to hold off ttc until we had moved house (have to find somewhere by april 1st)

i wasnt due to ovulate until the 23rd but Im ovulating now! image have egg white cm, tender breasts (more tender than what they were yesterday) OV cramps, sex drive has went through the roof and feeling very tender in the womb area. we bd friday early morning so I am PRAYING some little sperm made it and have waited! OH is quite happy about this but is adamant we have to wait until we move for anymore BD.

So 2 days... come on spermys!!


Perhaps a pointless post but this is our first month TTC....Im full of PMA :lol: xxx


  • PMA!!! Thats good, i hope some little spermies set up camp!!!

  • this is our first month ttc and im the same hopeing hubbys spermies stick around for a while as im not 100% when im OV as im still trying to work it all out. LOL!
  • woohoo! im actually bursting with excitment! I thought I was completely out this month because we stopped BD but now this wooooooooo!! have BD every 2nd night since AF stopped so heres to some nice spermies set up camp!

    Ive spent the whole night talking OHs head off about baby stuff bless him

    just so happy ive been given (even a little) chance! xx

    ps. ever since seeing the great sperm race im even more worried!! :roll:

    skyebaby that was my plan too but then i noticed my lady lumps were a little bit tender yesterday and more today so i decided to check out the lovely stuff that is cm lol xx

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