Coming off the Pill

Hi there. My other half and I want to start trying for a baby. I am currently on the pill (loestrin) and am about half way through my current pack and I was just wondering, can I come off the pill mid pack or should I wait and complete the pack I am on?

I am also off on holiday shortly and will be having to take malaria tablets (malarone) while I am away, will only be on it for 14 days in total. I know I should have a word with my doctor and will do but was wondering if I could ask you all.

Many thanks



  • I went to see the GP when we were planning on ttc and his advice was to definitely finish the complete pack of pills. Apparently it gives your body the best chance to return to normal, as you will have your false bleed as normal rather than messing things up mid-cycle.

    Sorry can't help with the malaria tablets but wish you lots of luck xx
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