anyone else around thats boooored!!!

anyone have anything nice planned over the weekend???



  • Im bored too! Just watching Britains got Talent on itv 2. Got some right divvys on there. :lol:
    Nothing planned this weekend, im working image

  • working boooo!! what do you do?
    i havent watched any of bgt!! i am watching CSI New York! bit gory!!!
    apart from the weekly shop this morning and housework sunday well actually any day i have nothing planned either!!

    anything going on with your cycles this month?

  • I work in care, so I do shift work. On a crappy 2 till 10pm tomorrow, takes up most of the day!

    I had a few convincing symptoms but been getting constant BFN's, so gonna leave it I think until AF arrives if it does. I bought 6 pg tests on friday and already used 3! hehe, Im terrible!

  • expensive habit!!! hehe!! what a nightmare for you!! i had some symptoms last cycle which i thought where pg but i clearly wasnt!!!!!

    shift work sounds pants!! i'm lucky at the mo as i don't work but have been looking for work!! had a few interviews but i seem to be unemployable! it really sucks ass!!!

  • Helloooooo again am so bored too we were supposed to be going out for a meal but our friends couldnt get a babysitter so they cancelled on us at last min.

    We ended up ordering an indian feast for 2 and now am in agony with my stomach image dont know why I eat them really but they are nice lol

    Am panicking now because I go on hol in 4 weeks and feel and look like a beach whale, am 30 nearly 31 and why is it everything that is in the shops looks like it is meant for a 15 year old no offence I mean all the little tight short dresses and them frilly skirts and vest tops.

    Am struggling for stuff to fit/wear and have left it too late to do any exercise am only a size 10/12 but have let myself go image and am quite flabby now.

    Am petrified to do any hard exercise and sit ups cos am on another 2ww and dont want to harm a potential baby. I really want to do so situps but have heard your not supposed to exercise your tummy muscles so beach whale look for me he he

    Sorry to drone on just am too tired to wanna do anything about it, how active is everyone on here? xx
  • i find the same!! i actually dread clothes shopping!!! we had a charity do on thurs night and had to find something smartish to wear and the trouble and tears i had to hubby where terrible!!!

    i am 5ft 5 and a size 14 and i have a flabby belly!! i tried on a really nice maxi dress in new look and i looked heavily pregnant!! i balled my eyes out in the changing room!!

    i normally go to circuits twice a week with my friend but we haven't been able to go for a few weeks!!

    i'm not the most active and the crap food i eat really doesn't help!! i don't think a bikini would be my friend right now!!!

  • Its defo not my friend hun image am so upset have let myself go married life eh content and happy and along with it comes the weight gain!!! the comfort eating for not being able to get pregnant i go through that every month hun. Its hard work.

    I used to go to keep fit at least 2-3 times but I was also a regular gym goer have just stopped everything no wonder I look like I have a jelly belly. I know what you mean even if I had the figure have never been comfortable wearing short up my ar*se stuff so am not going to start now just cos its in the shops.

    I am 5ft 6.5, 10st 9 lost 4 pound was 10st 13.

    The other things is we have 2 weddings to go to, 2 night do's a 40th birthday party and I am really panicking thinking am not going to be able to find anything.

    We have a nite away booked to Chester shopping to find a wedding outfit for me and the wedding is in 12 weeks so if I happen to fall most I would be is 10/11 weeks by the time of the wedding but no-one knows how much weight they will gain etc do they during pregnancy, your boobs get bigger etc so thats why am waiting till 3 weeks before the wedding to go shopping for an outfit.

  • Hey all i am bored and a bit tired at the mo have no idea y oh well

    Well i have started doing exercise again as i don't like doing much of it its only on the wii fit but i have lost a stone over the last month but going to try and keep it up
  • i'm the same hun! didn't look too bad at the wedding but think i have put on about a stone in the last year!! image

    hubs says he doesn't mind and its more of me to love but when i think back i weigh the same as what i did when i was 9 months pg! that is not good!! i gained 3 stone then so if i get pg again i will be 14 stone if i gain the same amount!! it really does make me upset and disappointed in myself!

    i really want to do something about it but just have no motivation to do anything so catch 22!! i eat out of boredom and as i'm home on my own most of the time there is nothing to do but eat (well apart from being on here!!lol)

    i'm almost 28 for god sake so its not like i'm a middleaged woman or anything!! grrr!!

    i agree re the short skirts!! i have a fairly curvy out bum so they are even shorter!! lol!!

    you have a busy year ahead!! you will be pg soon i have everything crossed for you!! we all deserve a lovely BFP!!

  • OMG busy is the exactly the word lol and we said we werent going to do much this year and pay off a few bills.

    Do you ever panic about how you will afford a baby? I sometimes think omg we cant afford it or will lose the house but want it so much so I dont care if you know what I mean.

    I think we will find a way and make it work, like at moment I put at least 40 quid a week in my car/160 a month as I work about 20 mins away from home. When am off on mat leave i wont be using car as much so theres a saving straight away.

    I think I just think about things too much lol and it does my own head in.

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