Trying again :-)


Trying again after a Miscarriage on the 17th april and stopped bleeding at last!!!!

I was heartbroken and cryed and cryed was almost 9 weeks pregnant was a big shock :cry:

Well we are trying again and looking forward to a BFP soon :\)

My heart goes out to anyone that loose a baby no one knows how bad and up setting it is in till it happens and it hurts like hell!!!!

But it will get better ;\)

Jen xxxx


  • Sorry to hear about your M/C sounds like your being very brave. Hope you get a sticky bean soon xxx
  • So sorry to hear what happened honey hope u get a BFP really really soon.

    I know that lots of ladies have said that they fell quickly after a mc, maybe to do with hormones or something but it might mean a BFP for u soon xxx
  • Hi sorry to hear about your mc I also mc not long after you too we have also decided to try once more I also stopes bleeding yesterday so good look hope you get a sticky
  • Hi Hun,

    So sorry to hear about your loss. I also had a MC at the start of April-I wasn't as far along as you-but you are right, it does hurt like hell.

    I stopped bleeding a while ago and am now 9dpo-we weren't going to try straight away but now I am glad we had a go! We shall see in a few days time whether it worked or not.

    Good luck hun and here's to all our speedy and super sticky BFP's!

  • So sorry hun, i have mc before, i was about 8 wks and the mc was the first i knew i was pg but i was still devastated. even so early on you get attached to that little one.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks everyone heres hoping for BFP and happy times ahead Jen xxx
  • GL hun! Sadly I know how amazing it feels to get AF after a m/c as I had one in March...

    Hope you get your BFP soon!
  • Ah Jeanette Louise I am so sorry to hear about your MC. I really do hope you get your BFP straight away. A work colleague who left who I still keep in touch with lost his child after his wife carried it all the way to due date and had to give birth on Christmas day. The point in me mentioning it is(not to make you feel more sad) but that she has fell pregnant again even before the 1st anniversary so it is possible. Sending lots of baby dust your way xx

  • Thanks please send me more baby dust xx
  • So sorry to hear about ur mc. I admire how brave ur being and am sending u lots and lots of sticky baby dust x x
  • Thanks PrincessA xx

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