Blood results are back :cry:

Hi All,

Have been a bit concerned about having very light and irregular periods in the 6 months coming off the pill, and the dramatic weight gain i had in this time. So went to see the doctor who sent me for a Day 21 progesterone test and thyroid function test. She has called this morning to tell me that my day 21 progesterone test indicates that I am not ovulating, and I have a very underactive thyroid which also would contribute to the weight gain and difficulty in concieving. :cry:

She is retesting the thyroid function to check it again, and then wants to see OH and I to discuss referal to a fertility clinic.

I feel so upset! Is anyone else suffering with an underactive Thyroid? :\?

Clare x

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  • babe I don;t know anybody who has this but did not want to read and run, I am so sorry you got this news and hopfully when you go to see them they can tell you how you can get through this to get your BFP.

    Big hugs to you

    k xxxxx
  • The good news is that your problem has been diagnosed so you can now hope for it to be sorted out. Nothing worse than no answers.

    My dad (obviously not ttc) has an overactive thyroid. He lost loads of weight and was very ill until it was diagnosed. He was then prescribed the right levels of medication, put the weight on and is now fine and dandy.

    Of course you are worried but please believe that this is the first step to putting things right and getting you on your way to a BFP. It can be done. x
  • Thanks ladies!! Think my emotions got the better of me this morning when i got the news!!

    I can't believe how much weight i have put on after just eating salads! I was starting to doubt my sanity and was convinced I was sleep walking in the night to the fridge!! One mystery solved at least!

    Thank you so much for the kind messages they mean a lot!!

  • Aww hun I'm soo sorry to hear your news. At least the under active thyroid explains the weight gain.

    On a positive note at least your dr will refer you to a fertility clinic which will hopefully give you the help you need.

    Good luck hun & I'm always here or on facebook if you need a chat

    Hilary x
  • Sorry to hear your news. But I agree with the others, at least you can soon start the process which will help you get your bfp.
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